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(cn2)Axis of Advance


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Doing my best to keep the tradition of bringing you higly detailed duel maps:




There are far too many maps with 'canyon' in their name (even one of mine), so I chose 'Axis of Advance', but the gist of it is... it's a canyon. This time the canyon is not the obstacle between opponents, rather the main attack route. Of course, there are two more approaches towards the enemy to choose from, and they have something the canyon desperately lacks - tiberium. Enjoy!



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I hope I see more maps like this and less of the RA1 'pro' maps made in a couple of minutes.


You can count on me for that, and thanks.


Nyer, as for Nod, it's commonly accepted that the more open a map is, the more an advantage Nod has because of the space bikes have to maneuvre. It's harder to trap them and it's harder to defend your base. A classic example of this would be the infamous Southern Utah, where GDI is at a severe disadvantage, because, at best, only one side of their base will be protected by the map edge. Everything else is open for hit and run. On top of that, large tiberium fields prevent GDI from defending against harvester raids effectively as infantry will die or fight with low health in tiberium, especially deadly for the main bike-killers, grenadiers.


All of this said, i do not think it applies to this particular map. The villages, as well as the small bush-ridden sides of both spawns are meant to be barriers that disrupt this kind of hit and run, and the whole general idea behind the canyon layout and the three different attack vectors is to make hit and run harder: if your bikes get caught in the canyon you can't just swing around as usual, you have to run all the way back to your base and take one of the other, lenghtier and deadlier routes.


And again, all of this said, I haven't played it myself, so we'll see how it finally works out. Although, if there is an 'open-closed' map scale, this one actually falls more on the 'closed' side, as far as most maps being played in TD goes.

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Unless you're saving up for something in particular like a quick surprize tech switch to helis, you should pretty much build all the time, yes. If you have the cash, that is. And you can get the cash by being very quick with building refineries and expanding towards tiberium. In other words, by building all the time. Scale doesn't really matter. On some new maps this can mean a huge-ass RA-like battle, on some money-scarce WW maps it can mean like 2 powerplants, 2 refs, 3 barracks and then towers in your back yard until you die.

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