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All .exe files are suddenly marked as virus AND trojan



This just recently happened. While it was fine 2 days ago. Only the files of CNCnet are marked like this.


The only new thing that I installed during the time is an update for flash player.

For the rest, notching new.

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It is from Ziggo; Ziggo Security Basic, checking it now for change of settings.


Turns out, it had 2 updates today without alerting me. This means that everyone with this scanner will face the same problems.

It had the Hydra update and the Aquarius update.


Normally this scanner shows no problems, it simply asks me for permission. But some how it now immediately deletes the suspected file.

I also tried reinstalling TS. When trying to run, it asked for permission to run. Then, it got deleted again.


PS, checked for logs; no logs !!!!

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Trying to find to alert the ziggo security programmers. However, I find other options now too. Analysing these.


Ok, seems I can restore a file that got isolated.

However, it immediately deletes cncnet5.exe right after restoring it. Without even trying to use it.


I think I am doing something wrong here. And why is it suddenly marked as trojan? It must be some script that they consider bad, since it is a deep scan.

On the other hand, all the normal .exe programs where in the list of allowed programs. Except cncnet5.exe

Could it be that since one program tries to run another .exe, that this is the "trojan" by some new standards?

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