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Tiberian Dawn - Renegde "CnC_Field" - 2

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ok, so here's my new map :) (and my first map 8) at that!)

This is a bit of a new idea in which ive made a little model of a renegade map called CnC_Field.

The catch, you also PLAY it like renegade!



I know this might not be everyones cup of tea, but if people enjoy it i might make some more of the ren maps like this.



2 players ONLY! the person hosting should be GDI and Nod the other.


Bases off, 1 unit (you could have more really, but not lots, itd be silly), about 0 cash (again, could have more, but not lots.. under 1000 I'd say) tib on and crates on.


You'll start near the middle in what im going to refure to as the INF tunnels, these tunnels are for INF only! (dont put anything that comes out of a weps or airstrip in them! all INF only areas are marked my concrete walls) renagade they are actual tunnels and you cant fit stuff in them, and the little things out in the field are bunkers, feel free to blow them up if they anoy you, lol.

Even though you cant put tanks and stuff in them, you can still shoot into them from the entrace. Remember (in perticular the flame tank) that if you put it near these entrances to guard it and it gets shot, it might go on a little rampage inside the tunnels, this is also not alowed, to try and stoip this from hapening I sugest force fire into the tunnels if your that paranoid about men coming into your base through them.


If your GDI, go right, if your nod, go left, you should find your base. It will have low power, so sell your super weapon and you're comm. center (they are only there to give you the construction options). Now you have enough credits to build a harvister, so build one...

and away you go! (remember what I said about the starting creds, its things like this that will pump too many units into the game too fast, so that's why you really dont need to start with any).


I think maybe you shouldnt have more then one harvy at a time as you'l run out of tib very fast (though yuo could change taht and say only one harvister actually collecting at once). The point of this game to to maximise micro managment and give you more of the feel that you're a soldier than a commander. You could even make a pact to limit how many vehcles you can use at once as if you could only have so many players like in ren too, but it's up to you. Have fun anyway, I may tinker with it a little more just to get some of the trees and stuff in the right place jsut to make it look and feel just like field. Also this is my first map, so if there's anyhting stupid abou it's creation (like stuff that doesnt fit, or the  map doesnt work, please say, lol).


this is actually a slightly older screen shot (but it takes too long for me to copy and paste it to paint to be bothered doing it again, feel free to take an actual screen shot through an editor for me, couldnt find how to do it).

How it is now, the roads and certain trees that are now placed how they are in renaged, there are far more concrete walls around the central "tunnels" areas, that also help to show where the entrances to them are... and the double trees near the entrances of the tunnel areas have been removed, there are also Comm Centers in the bases.






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no, I had trouble testing it, I assigned "multi 1" to the GDI buildings and "multi 2" to the nod ones, and I think that farm house is "speacial".


Ok, ive done some testing now, are you saying that even if there isnt a player (not even AI) that the bases are completely randomised as to who will have them. I remember seeing a screen shot of a map that had some turrets out side of each of the starting locations, here it is http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=381.0 . Also, in one of YOUR tutorials, you say that the differnt multi teams "multi 1", "multi 2" etc actually line up with the colours http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncstuff/cctxt/ccmanual.txt , (number 2.4) which, if true actually sovles more problems than it makes... I have tested it but only with AI, but the bases seem to be completely randomised. Which is an obivous issue, but like ive just said, there are two examples that seem to contridict this... one written by you.

Also, the download has been updated and the files are now just archived, but other then that are ready to drop strait into your CnC folder and play. it is number 17.



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ok, this is pretty much all outdated now, and in future ill make note not to post maps until they are completely done. Please delete this whole "topic" as I'm going to repost this map, explain how to use it propperly and post another map with it. Thanks guys.


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