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Battlefield: Command & Conquer Edition


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Yes, I know we all hate EA.


I hate them as well.


But... let's suppose this does happen:


If EA released Battlefield: Command & Conquer Edition, would you play it? It will probably be like Renegade... but in the style of Battlefield.


What if they released a series... Battlefield: Command & Conquer Tiberian Edition, Battlefield: Command & Conquer Red Alert Edition, and Battlefield: Command & Conquer Generals Edition?


You get to play the game through the whole series as their timeline allows. For instance, you play Battlefield: C&C Red Alert Edition... you play through as Red Alert, then you see "A few years later" and you play Red Alert 2 story, then Red Alert 3 story.


What do you think?

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would be very cool but there are loads of good FPS out there, RTS is weak on the ground, they need to remake tiberium twilight again with bases and new game modes, and tanks, no silly units that look like pokemon

That's what I was thinking.


They've created special editions of FPS games out there such as zombie mode, 2-man army mode, etc.


Why not a FPS version of a RTS game?


I know it's been done with Renegade, but that's them trying from scratch when their main experience is making RTS games.


Now that they have it all done in Battlefield, they can simply change the rules and the appearance. The rest stays the same.


I wouldn't mind trying it out if the gameplay and story was good.

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Yeah, the main issue I had with Renegade was that it wasn't an FPS based in the C&C universe, it was trying to emulate C&C (as an RTS) as an FPS.

Silly health bars and such, and making Nod quite a bit less realistic.


The idea of using the units and armies, the story and world of C&C for a FPS seems fine to me. It's just important that it's made as a FPS rather than trying to be both. Also, C&C is a WAR GAME, that's the other thing that EA seemed to forget as they made more C&C games. No blood, more and more outrageous units.

Keep it gritty with things to tickle our imagination. For that reason, I think that C&C1 (and RA1 to a degree) WOULD make a good FPS. As it's simply a war FPS, made in a new world. (and stop marketing it to children, damn it -.-)



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They all used to be under one roof (BlueHell Productions) until some internet drama unfolded and a few of the developers split and started W3DHub.


They are both communities with the same aims really, make C&C games into First Person Shooters.


So far the games are distributed as follows:


W3D Hub -


Command And Conquer - Tiberian Sun Reborn (This is a full Tiberian Sun conversion to first person perspective)

Command And Conquer - Tiberium (This is a full CNC 1 conversion to first person perspective. It's main aim is to capture the feel of CNC 1 that renegade did so poorly at) - Still in development

Command And Conquer - Apocalypse Rising  (Full RA2 conversion to First person perspective) - Still in development.

There is also a Dune conversion called Battle For Dune that is still under development


BlueHell Productions


Command And Conquer - A Path Beyond (Full RA1 conversion to first person perspective, been around for a while now)


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