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c&c dawn music?!?!?!??!


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I know some of the sou

Ngs have been redone and are badass. There probably is a topic to download them. I need that link. It's a lot harder to navigate on a android browser. And also an idea. Upload thw songs individuality on the youtube channel.  Even tho people have them uploaded on other channels. Just an idea to add nore traffic to the youtube channel.



Edit: the song with the voice added saying no mercy is badass. Sounds like somethinf mendoza would say.


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If we could get MP3 downloads or something of them, that would actually be good. I certainly know of other people in the past that were looking for some.

esp Destructible Times xD

(because awesome)

You could chuck it with the C&C95 downloads on cnc-comm. That space needs some love.

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i want the sound of the dude saying "no no no mercy" i want to put that at the beginning of my intro song for my wrestling entrance. i do professional wrestling if anyone didn't know and i got a show coming up on the 16th. that's why i wanted the music as well. but it will add more traffic to the youtube channel.


I have to redo my music and my video. I got rid of my jobber name. I was using suffokate's song Force fed but now i want the no mercy voice at the beginning with the new song I'm gonna be using Unholy Bmx Fights The Nod by Agoraphobic Nosebleed.


edit: \


yhis is the song



i want the part that he says " no no no mercy, mercy is for the weak" extracted from the song


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When it comes to music the licensing is a bit different a lot of the time depending on the studio(s) that composed, preformed and recorded the music, but I guess since the C&C music was made in house I guess it'll be fine. Except for the fact that EA are actually selling the music on various places like Amazon and iTunes digitally, Sadly those aren't CD quality. :/

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