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(SOLVED) Hotkeys for TD


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I understand TD does not have many hotkeys that RA has, and being an RA player I find this inconvenient of course

but Funky said in the last post of this thread that custom hotkeys can be installed http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2521.0

does this refer to TD as well?

(I know you'll say just login and do what funky said, but for a private reason i can't log in to TD on this computer, so I'll have to ask instead, sorry :/ )

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I thought you could already remap hotkeys from within the client? Anyway, you need to open conquer.ini and paste the entire [WinHotkeys] section there it if it's not already in it. Then you just put the decimal value of the key you want to use instead of the old number. You can google the decimal values of keys, or you could extrapolate if you're just using letters. F. ex. KeyScatter=88 is the default 'x', changing the value to 89 will set it to 'y', 90 to 'z', etc.

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You can remap hotkeys using ccconfig.exe


Ah, yes, probably that's what confused me... Because I distinctly remember Funky telling me there's a GUI for hotkeys now, and I was happy we wouldn't need to explain how to do it every time.

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bleep blorp.. sorry, I posted in the wrong thread and dammit, you can't delete it! although, if I remember correctly, they only work in MP, not SP and I think I had to copy and paste some stuff from this forum into my conquer.ini... just search TD hotkeys or something like that.  And if I'm just an idiot, someone shoot me... or delete this post. O_o

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