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Just played a game with weird AI responce.


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Just played a 1v1 on Nod vs GDI on cncnet, tiberium garden.


Killed the CY with a nod bike and the guy left shortly after (he wasn't paying attention).


After which the AI started spamming engineers to try and attack my base, but also spammed Commando's and the game had been on for like 3 or so minutes (no time for advanced communications center on his side).



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Decided to borrow a couple bases (2 extra to mine) and use their inefficiently ordered buildings to provide a more economic solution to the situation and I had a weird thing with harvesters where they would go in circles around the three sets (spaced bases) of refineries I had.


Basically, none of them were doing their job properly and kept trying to go to the 'other' base to turn in tiberium while I got basically no money :-(

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AI isn't restricted by build level or prerequisites. The "can this stuff be built?" function literally checks if the player in question is an AI, and if so, simply returns True.


In missions, the only restriction the AI has is that it only builds whatever the scripted teamtypes in the mission tell it to build.

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