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Game Ranger Sucks

Guest Mechacaseal

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Guest Mechacaseal

So the other day I went on game ranger to see what all the fuss was about. that place is horrible. theres maybe about the same amount of people on there as here. im sure xwis has similar numbers. so all three places are viable but game ranger is by far the worst. annoying ads and the game constantly flipping back to windows because of how their program works screwing with your game. the players there re total retard trolls. couldnt get a game going with the map i wanted without constant bitching.


so cncnet > qq > XWIS > game ranger > variou other servers not worth mentioning.

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What are you trying to achieve by posting this? I prefer playing on GR over CNCnet since there are too many noobs who dont know how to properly play on CNCnet, ive seen your vids and you are definitely one of them. Also calling all people from GR retarded trolls seems kinda ironic since all i see you post on this forum is you calling people retards and idiots.



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