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Why have I been banned from XWIS?


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Hello fellow RA2 players,


I'm still baffled as to why I have been banned from RA2.


According to this post: http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/167750-athina-dc-and-got-ptscheaterperm-ban/?p=1438485

The ban is nothing to do with the events in this game, the ban is based 100% on the evidence retrieved from server logs. This evidence is not open for public perusal due to server security.


You know well enough what you have been up to, you're not dreaming, we did catch you. The joke was you thinking you wouldn't be noticed.


If you want to make a song and dance about it then we will gladly share our information with EA if you want to take the issue up with them but we will not be posting it and will not be discussing this topic further.

So if the ban is nothing to do with the events in the game, why in the world would you ban me? I've never used a map revealer or other trainer in any game I've ever played on XWiS.


I honestly don't know what the Admin is implying that I had been "up to".


So whom should I be contacting at EA to clear up this issue?


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Actually, XWIS is still contributed to by EA.


Nobody has any say over who can and cannot play on XWIS other than XWIS. You are banned from the XWIS server, not the game. Your only hope would be to contact Olaf. Good luck with that seeing as everybody knows what you done.


Anyway, this is completely irrelevant to cncnet...

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Good luck with that seeing as everybody knows what you done.

Well, I've done what I had to do, right? Lest not forget, that was after I've been unjustly banned.


Allow me to quote myself:

... as all else failed I've raised my fists and weapons, not born as a soldier but driven to the end...


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Well, the war started the very day I got permanently banned out of the blue. You know, I've also made every effort to solve the war in a diplomatic way - sadly, every attempt failed.


Why do some people get permanently banned but others get special treatment and don't? http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/105201-wtf-is-this/?p=889504


It's hypocritical, at best. And hypocrisy is what this war is aimed against.  :)


I swear to you, I have never maphacked/foghacked on XWiS in order to gain an unfair advantage. Yet they caused half their active players to start cheating by banning a fair player. Trade banning a fair player for gaining tons of new cheaters. Good job, XWiS!  :tibsun:


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Hello sir.


I am an oldskool xwis player who came back after you were banned apparently. According to some s-t admins, all perm bans will be lifted soon. That being said, I welcome you back when that happens since I need more people to own :)

This has Tomi written all over it :D

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