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Where are the music files?


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Might be easier to just get them all as MP3s and put on a media player behind your game than go through the effort of modding it into each of the games, though.



I know this, but it takes away from the experience of the music kicking in when the game is loaded and plus, i miss hearing the sound track for ts/fs chat like back in the day :-(

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So you're not just asking where the music is, then. You're asking modding instructions for adding music to five different games :dry:


The format of RA2's music is actually different from the rest, though. RA2 doesn't use AUD. You'll need to convert it with XCC.


For the rest, I suggest you look for the high quality music packs of C&C1 and RA1 that were posted here a while ago.


And for adding music to C&C1, read this:


It's possible the IDs can only go up to 127 though. I don't think I ever stress-tested that.

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