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Wanted to play C&C REd Alert, got virus warning


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My antivirus program popped up once I tried to start the online game.

It deleted the cnc95.exe file. Said it was some virus.


I installed the game again in order to obtain the deleted file again, and submitted it to the online virus check of www.virustotal.com. And there again, I got one positive result. Though most antivirus sites do not seem to recognize it as malicious.


So what now? Is it malware?


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Can you provide a link to the VirusTotal report? It's important how many and which antivirus programs detected something.


You can check the file for yourself with www.virustotal.com and see the report there. I downloaded the latest version before I posted this thread. And yes, it is RA95.exe ... not cnc95.exe -- i.e. it is the Red Alert 1 exe file.

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