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I think its about time to put my maps here. Its been like 3 years, with a few hours every few week I'm editing my maps. Thats how much work they take. Just because every little thing have to be tested to know if its even possible. And lots of crazy stuff is possible with modding, scripts and triggers on Tiberian Sun! And its fun like hell! Some players are already enjoying the maps I'm posting here right now, but there's a ton of other fantastic maps that other people created. I just want to ask you not to take them for granted. It can be very frustrating to make a map. But because of hard work and determination we are able to play them. Not only map makers ofcourse, but the makers of cncnet too! My gratitude goes to all the people who made cncnet as how it is today!

Now here are my maps, explained one by one  :D:


Title: Waveloop Canyon


Its too hard for 4 players, so play with as many players as you can

-All Team A

-Add 1 AI

-Enable MCV undeployable & Firestorm

-The rest is normal settings ($10k, multi eng, etc)

Intro: THIS IS MY FIRST WAVELOOP MAP, waveloop means the units that attacking you, will keep re spawning until you completed the mission. The missions (in order) are: Destroy a barrack, Destroy Pyramid, Destroy purple pyramid, Destroy Moving train, Destroy UFO, Destroy Pyramid, Destroy Montauk. (Cncnet doesnt support Text-triggers, so you wont be able to read your mission, but its basicly: Destroy the things that stand out the most!

Tip: Move mcv+base forward after barrack is destroyed, Blue tib will run out (and explode) and some waves will come from that direction later in game.

Mods: Silo is worth money, capture and sell. Last wave has a unit (repair vehicle image) that shoots oblisk of light's laser.


Title: Waveloop Pyramids [8]


This is a very cool map. It contains many triggers and suprises! It needs some explanation for first time players, read intro.

Map is pretty hard, so try to play with 8 players.

-All Team A

-Add 1 AI

-Multi engineer off

-Try with normal settings first

Intro: quickly prepare for infs. When the first Pyramid shows, Destroy it AS QUICK AS YOU CAN, but at the same time, defend too! A line of ants (infs) keep coming, untill the pyramid is destroyed. Now with every wave, there is a Pyramid on the bottom LEFT, and one at the RIGHT, when destroyed the LEFT one, Waves stop coming from the LEFT. same for the right. When they're both destroyed, the timer for the next wave activates. Same as waveloop canyon, the silo's are worth money, but in this map they also contain LOTS OF POWER! So its up to you to sell it. Some buildings will be automatically yours.


Mods: Defensive towers have a bigger range (adjacent) to build


The map picture is not the entire map. Because there are triggers that extend the map, the preview pic only shows you how you start. On this picture you can see the numbers ( 1, 2, 3), to where the map extends one by one after each waveloop.


Tips: -At wave 3, destroy the moving train to deactivate firewall.

-At the end, when all the massive mk2's appear, each player will gain an bunch of Hijackers. Use those wisely to destroy the mk2's

-Play smart



Title: Curses of Egypt [3 v AI]

Previous title: Waveloop Desert


You and two other players found yourself in Egypte. You're in the middle of a curse, as the map is mirrored. Infs come from left, vehicles from right, First timer is Easy, second is Medium and the third Hard, after the hard the easy ones come again, And this will loop until you destroyed the pyramid. The map extends and you'll have to do the same thing with other stuff. Keep on extending the map untill You can destroy the UFO.,

-Add 1 AI

-Multi engineer off.

-Normal settings.

Mods: -AI's Emp & towers have heavy weapons.

-AI Bombers Have infinite bombs but are slow

Tip: Be smart with harvs

Note: Map needs some fixes: some waves don't work after the third map extension

Same with the map Waveloop pyramids, preview is smaller then actual map size, see true size on minimap: minimapdesertba8ea.jpg



Title: Maze Waves [4]


TOWER DEFENSE! I'm very proud at this map! This took me a crazy 100 versions online to improve it and make it perfect. But now, November 25th 2015, I'm just gonna say it, ITS READY.

This is one of the maps that took the most time. It might not look very nice on the picture, but wait till you start playing! It has a very friendly feel to it as you can already start building towers right away and with the x10 build speed.



Build towers and use sandbags to create a maze. You can only build Everywhere! but only on the grey area's. The more you make the units walk around, the more they will get shot at. Force them to the gates that open very slowly. Gather them and use ion cannon. Find ways to kill them cuz theyre strong! (don't worry the sandbags are uncrushable, and the units have no weapon) The pyramids are lifes. Everytime a unit gets inside the tunnel, a life explodes. There's only 1 more life after they all got destroyed.



You can build towers as soon as you deploy your MCV. You start with a warfactory & refinery. Ion Cannon is already charging. A barrack you'll get automatically after a few waves, so you can start heading for tech.


-4 Players

-Multi engineer OFF

-Firestorm ON!

-1 AI on 5

-Normal other options



There are 3 ways of getting money! The first one is normal tib, the second option is gathering crates in the area with veins. Loaded trucks & trains will come there to give you your money crate. Destroy the trains, tho. Later you can fix the bridges to the blue tib, and after that, capture a Water Mill (silo) to build more Water Mills. They cost MINUS 1000, so you get money by building them. Place them on water, You have to destroy them to be able to make some more.



Massive amount of mods, all tested a dozen times: Web launchers, tesla coils, Super ranged railguns, some awesome new weapon combinations. Some structures with a new look, like: Missle silo with EMP head that shoots GAS! And much more like this.



The things that lag the most (besides laggy players) are too much weapon animations. Thats why Laser is Pistola, ion cannon has no beam, most particles (like gas) has only 1 frame to reduce lag, and railguns are invisible. To optimize speed, Go to TS Settings in CnCnet, and enable Graphics Patch. If game is pretty slow on the start already, remake and kick laggers. Buildspeed = x10! (believe me its needed)



VERY IMPORTANT TO PUT AI ON START 5! (This is because the buildings you start with are connected with starting positions)

3 player and 2 player version will be posted soon



Title: Battle Of Gods


You're team is a God, fighting the AI God. AI sends meteorites, and as soon as they crash, units come out of their explosions! Defend with some cool modded structures and units. On this map you can see 3 defense lines: A train track, Firewall, and Laser defence. And in the middle of the map, you see three mountains. These are the "switches"  to activate each defense system. Simply drop your droppods on the desired system. The light of the mountain will turn off as it activates. When the light turns on again, its charged and you can use it again as soon as your droppods are loaded again.

After a few waves, You will see a mutant running towards the pyramid. This is the God in physical form, kill him quick before he RELOOPS all the waves.


You can play this map with 3 to 6 players! You're all on the same team. As soon as the game starts, Drop pod is already loading. Refinery has a big Adjacent, so place it top left.

Same like the other AI maps:- All pick team A, and put AI on start 5.

Tip: Vulcan tower = flamethrower! build it in front of ur allie's nod base at start.

Note: I'm making more waves atm.


Title: Eating Enemy's

Previous Title: Steve's happy meal


I made this map for Steve, as he told me exactly what he wanted. He had a pretty cool idea. I just changed the title to "Eating Enemy's" cuz i thought it will attract players more with this name.

This map is simply a 4v4 map, or less. The only thing that's different is that AI is attacking both sides. There is a little base between the cliffs. Lots of units will spawn there heading both sides. You can see the arrows to which base is targeting which side. The waves are: infs, infs, vehicles, vehicles, heavy units. And that will loop for ever, untill the bases are destroyed. Its pretty fun, give it a try.

-Make sure you have 1 AI

-Enable Firestorm

Note: Some firestorm units are under patrol at some places. Carefull with ur infs at start.



Title: Rescue Prisoners!


This is a 2 player map. 1 GDI, 1 NOD, 1 AI.

There are lots of missions and cool stuff as you go through the map. You start with a mcv that's a redeploy able barrack. You also have unit that looks like a disrupter but without the turret. It shoots RPG, and when you deploy it, it shoots flamethrower. Use it wisely. The missions will speak for them self, head over to get a mobile warfactory, rescue all prisoners on your way by simply touch the prison walls with a unit, or fire on them. Capture the train station and fix the bridges. Lots of suprises at this map!

Took me a long ass time to make this, still need to add some more waves, but its already lots of fun.



Title: All vs player 1


The one that picks Start 1 will be the one with the massive base. Or nobody picks a start and a random player will be the one.

At the start, the timer will countdown 7 minutes. When the timer runs out, all neutral structures will be owned by player 1.

Around the time where the other players have a barrack, some defensive towers will already be player 1's, just to avoid player 1 to be rushed. As for some infantry to scout too, try hard not to let player 1 scout you otherwise you might be his first victim after the 7 minuts.


It's alot of fun!!

No AI on this map.

Enable firestorm if u want the blue tib trees to work.

Normal settings


Title: Battle of the Caribbean


You can make boats on this map. I explain how I made these mods in this topic http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3915

the only thing is there are only 3 factorys. which means i had to steal one to make another element. So there is no warfactory. There is a shipyard which u can place in water, with some other water structures and awesome ship mods made from firestorm units. U can't build a harvy, so build lots of refinery's

!!! A very cool mod is the Paratroopers! build a pad, build it, insert infantry, and attack something or ctrl-attack to make the infs jump out with a PARACHUTE!!

-Enable Firestorm.

-have fun



Title: Mk2 Arena


This is just something quick and silly, everyone starts with a mk2, carryall and service depot. Practice ur mk2 skills on here.



Title: 10 Bridges


A Normal 4v4 (or less) map, with a timer that runs all the time. Every time the timer runs out, all the bridges get destroyed. (fix yourself)



Title: Terraces Skip Start


This is just for fun! Everyone starts with a base already.


4 Players only!

change from 10k to $2000,


This map is for fun, not for serious gaming




Thats it so far, I will always update these maps cuz I really enjoy doing it. As you can see, there is this new feature that CnCnet made possible to do with finalsun. Its that you can make players start with buildings or units with Final Sun. Simply Create new trigger, Event: Any event. Action: Change house. Parameter 50!!  50=player1 ,51= player2, 52=player3 etc. Then double click on a building, and attach that trigger! Easy peasy! Everone should learn how to work with triggers.


Download maps attached to this message, or in attached rar package. I added a 4 player version for waveloop canyon. and a 2 and 3 plyr version of maze waves, which i started to edit again and will update new versions soon


Also check out Ptapiok's maps:




Coolinks mod maps:



Hitman's multiplayer maps:





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Made some more recently.


Title: [4] Multi F@cktory [ALL GDI]



Everyone starts with a base, (see GIF) Tib is x10 value, ref and harv are immune, u can make 1 more harv (with carryal), Unlimited amounts of Mutant Hijackers makes this game very intresting and fun. Wolverines are a bit stronger so they can kill the hijackers real quick. U can't build factories, so take care of what u got. If played with less then 4 players, the base will be neutrals, perfect for capturing then.



ALL GDI!, Nod doesnt work proper on this map.





Giants 2v2, Hope you don't mind, nodrescue  :):tibsun:



Title:  The Valley [nodrescue mods]




Just a normal map with bridges and same mods as nodrescue (power, tib, mcv etc)



Title: WEED! Build walls fast! [4]




Map reveals,

only a power mod.

Weed grows real fast, so build walls Right away.

As an extra, viscs in the middle waiting to be released.




-I added a big blunts green 4, that reveals the center square of the map :P

-And for the mod haters, giants 8 with mods removed.






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The multi fucktory map may need to have Insignificant=yes on the refinery in order for the game to end in short game mode and the harvester might need it to end the game with non-short game.







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The multi fucktory map may need to have Insignificant=yes on the refinery in order for the game to end in short game mode and the harvester might need it to end the game with non-short game.







Thanks man, changed it. also made the factorys buildlimit 1, so that when they destroyed, u can at least build another one.


edit: lol, ref insignificant makes the harv think there is no ref. ill made the ref very strong instead ;)

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The Boat map has been updated, get new version in this message


Map has become way better, and lots more balanced and fun!

Map title is now: Caribbean Battles!


What to know:

Place Shipyard in water; comes with free Jet ski

Jet Ski (Attack cycle) has wolverines weapon, 1 inf can enter to scout!

Magmanier(hvrmrls) rides on land and water. is effective in large quantity, but very weak against structures,

Dragon Wings (jumpjet) is expensive but fires Flamthrower from the air.

GDI Sam upgrade is Juggernaut artillery.

Air Lookout, GDI'S SAM! but more expensive then nod's Sam.

Whale of NOD (temple of nod) Place in water, is gonna have small superweapon in future update

PARADROPSHIP Expensive and slow, but 10 infs can enter, they drop out with parashute when you (force)fire with aircraft

Infantry griever ( cyborg reaper), weblauncher and vulcans MG. Goes on land too

Solarbeam Focus Expensive, slow, shoots slow to, its laser is not weak and has a HUGE range. great for defense and attack.

SeaDevil (apc with mammoth turret), Cloak unit with flamethrower, goes on land too.

Emp Bomber Bomber with a single emp bomb, but very weak.

Deployable Tesla Coil (mk2) Find a good spot to deploy it cuz u can't undeploy it. It has a very powerfull tesla weapon. You can build around it. Defend this structure.

Bay Defender shoots at air and ground/water

RPG/SAM FLOAT gdi's powerfull defense ships.

GDI can make lots of anti air so there is no firewall, the generator is now buildable on water and shoots a strong disruptor

Mutant hijacker is invisible





download in attachment:


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Updated 10 Bridges


Bridge houses are fixed.

No more ion storms

Weed doesnt reach bases anymore


ADDED 3 NEW UNITS FOR BOTH GDI AND NOD (use techlevel 9 to play without these mods)


- Chem Spray Infantry

- Shroud Scouter Aircraft

- stealthy EMP vehicle (disables a vehicle or building as long as its attacking it)



- Sniper

- ORCA Transport (5 infs with parashute)

- Upgraded Wolverine (A bit stronger+ shoots AIR)



Tested online, Weapons are fair. Lots of fun when playing with ppl that know map too, so play it often! Download in this message's attachment




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You can use fake houses Spawn1 to Spawn8 to give players starting at a specific spawning location units & buildings to start with. Ask Bittah_Commander or Aro on how this works. DTA's map editor might have built-in support for it.

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You can use fake houses Spawn1 to Spawn8 to give players starting at a specific spawning location units & buildings to start with. Ask Bittah_Commander or Aro on how this works. DTA's map editor might have built-in support for it.


Looks like i'm gonna use this option Iran. :(


Most of my maps uploaded here won't work anymore cuz they recently removed houses 50 to 57 :(

But it's for the best! If it fixes disconnection/error problems then its an improvement. Its just that in my maps, errors are not caused by house changes 50 to 57. Oh well. Gotta go with the change

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hihi i guess I made another one cuz i was bored.


Infinite jackers - Neutral vehicles are all over map

jumpjet and rocket infs buildable for gdi and nod.

No radar/tech or ref buildable after you captured a ref from the middle.

Refs are immune, but u can capture.

Auto- teams e vs w.

Gas inf buildable after radar

Play with 4 players or crash.


map in attachment below



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Harbor Wars V3

Nod has some cool stuff too


/map 6ba472dcf6be061722981dfba1d3b75b8674ceeb

or download harbord wars voxels.mpr


Also added a buildable shipyard with normalized boats trying to add boats to a normal TS gameplay on these 2 maps:

202856538_watereddecay.jpg.9e712be1a6ff3e42f72bd057d42f976e.jpg Watered Decay / map 2998dc7cfaee0f5c9e153842a913c6e75e781fb2

watered decay.map

1781332932_harborwaters.jpg.04678f2f3a6d0a9213e6f4891c8e368e.jpg Harbor Waters /map 5b9b9af5181da0f3f04a0ea8cf66fb9573a2c5b3 

harbor waters.map

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Fasted AI defense maps i ever made, SPIDER ATTACKSS, inspired by that bunker scene from Starship troopers lol.

Used TSwavemaker to clone waves, and pre-made mods for some nice color effects, and all the spider types that have been uploaded thihi


bug arena.mpr

/map 4bd36da1c48df80961b7d857833c10857a74335f

Edited by Holland
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Expanded warfare v1.07 [Vet2.46][AA][Ships][Oil] Holland

expanded warfare.mpr


Just a few ships, minimal mods for fair gameplay, should be pretty balanced
Oil derricks on the islands, they give only 30 per 10 seconds
captureable droppod radar in middle! 


  • -vet patch,
  • -deployable oblisk,
  • -carryall for nod,
  • -blue tib, fonas and mold (firestorm not needed)
  • -C4-placeable Bridges, and pre-C4 placing


If you C4 bridge after its blown up, you can pre-set next C4 :)


Turned Repair vehicle into Repair Drone so it can repair boats as well:repairdroid.gif.bd4b7d38ef7e310515662f79e622d618.gifcptedfdnd.gif.89009e72bef1b67d1f9055de4e6a40b9.gifioncrgehtct.gif.ba46f8462b0736793869caa6d95426bb.gif

Full screenshot:expwfscrn.thumb.jpg.b2fceea0e62194e2f5a45ca49defb39d.jpg

Download: expanded warfare.mpr

Edited by Holland
Updated map
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