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Windows 7 + XP mode + C&C

Titan Joe


I thought that this may be an interesting topic,  I recently got XP mode up and running on my Windows 7 computer.  Right now all the colors are still messed up in C&C when I play it on an W7 platform.  So I figured I'd try in in XP mode.  I couldn't even get it to start an error box came up with no text in it to say why it won't go.  It's probably a problem with virtual PC, but I figured that I throw this out there for any thoughts.

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"WIN 7 = Fail

Downgrade recomended"


Have you tried it yet?  I was running it on a 9 year old computer with no problems.  It ran better than XP.  It only had 1GB of DDR1 in it.  This new computer of mine destroys with it.  I haven't been able to crash it yet.  the 64 bit barrier is a bit of a problem, but C&C still runs (granted I can't get multiplayer to work yet).  If you haven't tried it, I would suggest that you do. 


My video card: MSI GTS 250 OC


I'm not too sure if I understand the solution, just open the window for setting the resolution and run the game while it's open.  If you're saying that, then yeah, that's  a strange solution.

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Uhh, i installed the windows 7 here, and got the same problem for my lucky, i have the windows XP too  :P


EDIT: i was founded a solution for a NVIDIA Graph cards, only download and istall it:


This is drivers of NVIDIA of the Windows Vista, Work too on windows 7, Who i saw of Diference is:

1- CNC Back to normal  :)

2- OpenGL is back

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