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Would you like to see a client theme UI more like the game?

Guest neogrant

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I vote 'no' because the CnCNet client/lobby is unique, no other classic C&C servers/communities have it. It's one of the things that make CnCNet... well... CnCNet. But I guess if it were an option, like the skins, and people could choose 'Classic Lobby' or something, then why not.

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A selectable theme that uses textures, colors and fonts that remind you more of the original game would be nice. The layout of the current lobby should be kept, but textures and such could be swapped.


The client itself has always supported multiple themes. Some examples of the feature in use:


The Dawn of the Tiberium Age:

Default theme: http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10865/cncnetgamelobby.png

Red Alert theme: http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10865/sovietcncnetgamelobby.3.4.png


Twisted Insurrection:

Default theme: http://ti.ppmsite.com/Public/GenericThemeSM.png

GDI theme: http://ti.ppmsite.com/Public/GDIThemeSM.png

Nod theme: http://ti.ppmsite.com/Public/NodThemeSM.png

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