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Volunteers needed - looking for YR lobby help!


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We are looking for volunteers who can give a bit of spare time to help in the CnCNet YR lobby, please reply and let us know if you can help:



  • You can assist players with problems (in-game)
  • Keep the peace - mute or kick players if breach of lobby rules


You must have the following:

  • Be a fairly common lobby lurker, who likes to play Yuri's revenge but also gives time to help others if they are having trouble.
  • Level headed, no outbursts, swearing or other inappropriate behavior.


If you think you can assist, please give the following info:






So far I have the following people interested:


- Rhinoz


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I guess some of us of got ignored lol  :dry:


Either way,  hope a alot of the idiots get muted/banned.


I've found weekday evenings after 5pm GMT and Weekends 11am-3pm is where i've seen  most people with ridiculous usernames which i won't repeat and people spamming.


Keep up the  good work

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