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Publish this map, hope, downloaders, familiar with more This complex terrain


Because my English is not good, so I can not introduce this map


These look like a mosaic of the terrain,

I, in order to map the tactical needs,

Deliberately doing so

Especially in the two mountains lake



This is a fair map ( 3 Vs 3 - Desert and oasis)


Player Location Examples  :

1a Or 4b

2a Or 5b

3a Or 6b


Red land, is building guidelines


My Game ID is [ =YF=Yuri's Revive ]

Abbreviation name  [ =YF= ]




---Fixed multiple Game BUG

---Fixed some Map Terrain BUG

---Because players, request, increasing at each location Resources ore Drilling

Resources ore Drilling ,Up to 6

---Add some combat units,

such as: VTOL lifting transport

Players can operate airborne tanks



More improvements, I do not make presentation


!@! Please use your passion to explore the game




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Minecraft looks a lot better, tbh. It has correct terrain transition.


More like, "Beginner's First Minecraft House in Creative Mode".


Comparable to "Teenager's First Powerpoint Presentation" :roll:


Also comparable to... P4 *shudder*

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I think stuff can move diagonally between those ugly orphaned slope cells actually.


Not sure what's up with the broken bridges though. They have a repair hut in the middle of the road... and another one a bit farther, for some reason...

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A Secret Lab

Aren't these things broken as hell? Last I remember their internal logic was completely messed up.

Yeah if you have more than one on map a lot of things don't work properly with them. Ares fixes the issues.

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LMAO, at least it's symmetric.


What the hell is that center thing that only Allied can capture with a Nighthawk transport?


you can repair bridge and get air port


Nighthawk transport $1000  +  Engineer $500 =1500$


Flak Tank $500  + Engineer=$500 + Engineer=$500 =1500$


Engineer $500  +  Engineer $500  =1000$  ~ move speed slow


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