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Harvester issues


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Hi all,


Is anyone else experiencing issues with harvesters these last few days? Playing as BL on terrace I have had several harvs go in a big loop to get to the tiberium, never had this issue before. Whilst in BR I had one harv half enter the refinery whilst the other sat there spinning on the spot, again never had this issue before. Has something been changed recently that might cause harvester pathing issues? I know TRZ was having issues on the map Area 51, which is a mod map I know, but I have never had the issue he was having whilst in the spot he was playing from.





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When im BL on terr and the game goes fairly long, there will be a point where ill find 1-2 harvs doing nothing. Every other spot is fine for me and i rarely have issues on other maps either.


Probably from not sending your harvs to expand tib when your main tib runs completely out.  I see it happen to other spots as well.

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A few times when I placed my ref in Terrace BR to my big surprise I got no harv together with the ref XD which means immediate gg when your doing a inf bo. lol @ building and selling refs and getting no harv from it.. but that only happen on this server when I played on it during last year never happen @ WOL.


@ Terrace BL you can get unlucky and get some extremely aggressive Viscs  :yo:  that can kill your harvs in no time if you don´t pay attention. LMAO!

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