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Mad noobs player


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It never ceases to amaze me as to what we're forced to put up with on a regular basis when it comes to new players. It's like as if they constantly expect us to bend over backwards for them but yet we get nothing in return--was never anything like this on XWIS! Why can't there be a sticky thread on here for noobs to help teach them proper etiquette and whatnot and explain why certain things aren't tolerated by hosts? It's like as if the admins expect us to teach these players (for lack of a better word) ourselves even though these noobs flat out don't believe a single thing we tell them... with the exception of so very very few.

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was never anything like this on XWIS!


Of course there's no drama on XWIS. How can there be drama if there's no players?


This is a game from 2001. People that play xwis need have a valid serial. In many stores around the world you can't really buy this game anymore. Yes, you can online, but someone that is new wouldn't really buy a game from 2001 (due to how generation changed and only play games like CoD). CnCnet on other hand support this for 'free', meaning a valid serial is not required. With this in mind you'll automatic get more new players trying out the game than xwis will and ever will get. xwis only has/have old veterans left, who as expected are more of a good sport.


Its a natural thing that new players usually shout CHEATER and stuff if a pro player uses strats the noobs don't know. I don't say this is a good thing, but it is how it is.

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