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Re: Banned - Xethman

« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2015, 06:04:56 PM »

Tables have turned. Once upon time there was a single open game at Kali dominated by Xethman and he cold-heartedly booted anyone simply because he didn't agree with them. There was also no control at Kali at all, as anyone could ban anyone with proper skills (do I need to mention tbyte?) and cheaters got away with everything.


Although it was fun to read your deeply flawed rant, FunkyFr3sh doesn't really deserve your bullshit after all of his massive work and help for RA.


Since you love CnCNet that much, why don't you just say sorry and you're back in the games in no time.

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So what you want now? We can post up your chat logs so everyone can read it up, then we can start a poll and everyone can decide if people like you are wanted here or not




here. i posted plenty of chat for you. i have plenty more chat showing uncaring admins and admins that curse at me. im just going by what ehy told xeth. that why doesnt he say im sorry? well IM SORRY...i offered rossi i would mute all admins in an effort to not be banned when i notice admins threatening to abuse their power...and he refused...funky or hifi could unban me..but as i said earlier...there is a pecking order of administration and funky has held off on unbanning plenty of times that someone else banned me (usually rossi)

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oh and i've started the poll already my friend....


http://www.strawpoll.me/10599853/r  CNCNET = dictatorship?


you are welcome to do an additional poll any time you would like buddy...

make sure it reads "Do you think rossi was correct to threaten to ban breakdown if he said rossi's name in chat one more time?"

here...i started it for you so you don't even have to set it up...




go ahead and try to get 51% of that vote...


here a vote for "Does Break deserve a 30 day ban?"




good luck...

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So what you want now? We can post up your chat logs so everyone can read it up, then we can start a poll and everyone can decide if people like you are wanted here or not


i'll do the work for you again...here's the hour or so leading up to my ban...


(28) [09:00 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> rossi spends too much time practicing ban button instead of Q or A

(28) [09:01 PM] <d0p3k1llz> break hows that poll doing

(28) [09:02 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> hows ur career in ORA looking?

(28) [09:04 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> http://www.strawpoll.me/10591800/r  is dope retarded?

(28) [09:04 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> http://www.strawpoll.me/10593254/r  rossi or break?

(28) [09:04 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> http://www.strawpoll.me/10592083/r  Break or d0p3?

(28) [09:04 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> http://www.strawpoll.me/10599853/r  dictatorship?

(28) [09:04 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> http://www.strawpoll.me/10599800/r  break rossi or ferret?

(28) [09:04 PM] <{H8}Mono> lol

(28) [09:11 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Oh break, you're back lol

(28) [09:12 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Break and his pointless votes

(28) [09:12 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> lol

(28) [09:13 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> rossi and his pointless attempts to get better at red alert

(28) [09:13 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> lol oh break

(28) [09:14 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> lets play bo3 ill put my soul up against your hammer

(28) [09:14 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> How about no.

(28) [09:14 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Focus on not getting banned

(28) [09:14 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> focus on how to get laid with that millimeter peter

(28) [09:14 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> oh break

(28) [09:14 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> you know nothing about me

(28) [09:14 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> thats the funny part

(28) [09:14 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> oh rossi

(28) [09:15 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> idgaf

(28) [09:15 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> thats the funny part

(28) [09:15 PM] <{H8}Mono> lol

(28) [09:15 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> i know.. and i dont care about you either lol

(28) [09:15 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> u love me

(28) [09:15 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> u couldnt exist without me

(28) [09:15 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> nope i sure dont

(28) [09:16 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> u guys want to learn a little bit about statistics?

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> and standard deviations?

(28) [09:17 PM] <[AFO]THNDER> i took a simulation class last semester

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> then rossi can tell u which vpn he used

(28) [09:17 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Oh break asking for a ban soon. I know exactly where this will lead.

(28) [09:17 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Lets hear it break

(28) [09:17 PM] <[AFO]THNDER> i know a little something about probability and pseudorandom number generation

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:30 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> dopey is pulling ahead, nice

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:30 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> still wont win 40-10 like he called

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:30 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> no matter how many fake votes rossi casts for him

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:31 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> was 8-2 in favor of me now 16-9 dopes favor]

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:31 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> so he went on a 14-1 run since last time i looked at vote

(28) [09:17 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:32 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> that seems plausible after being down 2-8....not

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:32 AM] <Maddux> he keeps voting for himself over and over

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:32 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> will have to confirm with andrewford, im not fmailiar with the site, he just slapped my name on it

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:33 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> nah would need proxy server to mask ip to re-vote

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:33 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> so its some1 semi-smart

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:34 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> seems like too dramatic a swing to me 8-2, then 1-14

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:35 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> this one counts more anyways

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:35 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> From 1 to 10: How much of a retard is Dopekillz? (by ORA-Break)

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:35 AM] <ORA-BREAK_>  1. 10

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:35 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> 5 votes (71%)

(28) [09:18 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> First off.. I dont partake in your little useless votes lol

(28) [09:18 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> but good try

(28) [09:18 PM] <{H8}Mono> lolol

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:35 AM] <ORA-BREAK_>  10. 1

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:35 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> 1 votes (14%)

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:35 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> 7 total votes

(28) [09:18 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:36 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> im sure the guy who typed 1 saw the 10 and was going for 10....

(28) [09:18 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Seconds, keep flooding and you will get booted

(28) [09:19 PM] * ORA-BREAK_ looks deep into rossi's eyes.

(28) [09:19 PM] <Hartseer> groos break

(28) [09:19 PM] <{H8}Foxy> lol

(28) [09:19 PM] <{H8}Mono> its 5.00am this is entertaining

(28) [09:19 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> What do you see break

(28) [09:19 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Come on.. im curious

(28) [09:19 PM] <Hartseer> devil?

(28) [09:20 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> i see you, seeing that i, still. dont. give. a. ____

(28) [09:20 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Thats nice, cause I feel the same way about you. lol

(28) [09:20 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> At leat we agree on something

(28) [09:20 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> First time for everything.

(28) [09:20 PM] <{H8}Mono> how did this drama begin

(28) [09:20 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> k we both dgaf

(28) [09:20 PM] <Col0> hey rossi no politics right

(28) [09:20 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> then i win games, and u press ban button after mutliple losses

(28) [09:20 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Smartest thing you said all day Break.

(28) [09:21 PM] <Col0> but the very essence of this game has politics soviet vs allies

(28) [09:21 PM] <Flenn> hahahaha

(28) [09:21 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> his nads have risen up into his brain from non-use

(28) [09:21 PM] <Hartseer> lol

(28) [09:21 PM] <d0p3k1llz> lmao colo

(28) [09:21 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Break how old are you 19

(28) [09:21 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> 12

(28) [09:21 PM] <Hartseer> ORA-BREAK u saw devil

(28) [09:22 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Figures.. you act like a child

(28) [09:22 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> nah, i dindt see devil

(28) [09:22 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> i tell ya what i saw

(28) [09:22 PM] <d0p3k1llz> lmfao at break losing his own poll and accysing foul play involved

(28) [09:22 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> the numbers dont lie dopehole

(28) [09:22 PM] <{H8}Mono> hahaah

(28) [09:22 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> 10:37 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> so he started losing 8-2...then he went 16-2 his way after that..and other vote 6-1 my lead then 13-0 his favor after...thats standard deviation right?

(28) [09:22 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [10:38 AM] <ORA-BREAK_> after losing 80% of the initial 10 votes, he goes 80% his way since...80% my way on both votes, then magically 80% his way, not fishy at all

(28) [09:22 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [10:39 AM]

(28) [09:22 PM] <d0p3k1llz> a poll courtesy of break

(28) [09:23 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:07 PM] <d0p3k1llz> cant you poll the lobby already

(28) [09:23 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> [09:07 PM] <d0p3k1llz> ask who is more liked between me and you

(28) [09:23 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Break how about you stop flooding useless stuff

(28) [09:23 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> a poll begged of by dopehole

(28) [09:23 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> No one wants to be flooded with this

(28) [09:23 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> if i was flooding useless stuff...it would look like this....

(28) [09:23 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms) (rossi's condoms)

(28) [09:23 PM] <Col0> I just voted

(28) [09:23 PM] <{H8}Mono> lol

(28) [09:24 PM] * Error: Cannot send to channel

(28) [09:24 PM] <Hartseer> lol

(28) [09:24 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> welcome back break

(28) [09:25 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> hi tiny one

(28) [09:25 PM] <Col0> break is sensitive

(28) [09:25 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Yea he is

(28) [09:25 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> rossi is too

(28) [09:25 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> im good.. you're just annoying as heck

(28) [09:25 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> the condom bit must of hit a little to close to home...

(28) [09:25 PM] <Col0> break i voted for you

(28) [09:25 PM] <Col0> they should make a poll who should be next ADMIN

(28) [09:25 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Do you ever get tired of listening to yourself break

(28) [09:25 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> i get tired of you waking up

(28) [09:26 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Maybe you should go to work , instead of sit in the RA community all day

(28) [09:26 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> worked 12 hours today

(28) [09:26 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> I bet all you think about is red alert.

(28) [09:26 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> what did u do? crochet some more wool condoms?

(28) [09:26 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> I work all day everyday break

(28) [09:26 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> i bet you were hall monitor in school

(28) [09:26 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> oh break..

(28) [09:26 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> pointless jokes thats not even funny

(28) [09:27 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> u could be more popular, less obnoxious, and better player than me

(28) [09:27 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> but theres one thing u cant be

(28) [09:27 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> ORA-dope

(28) [09:27 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> I play once or twice a week...

(28) [09:27 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> I hardly play now

(28) [09:28 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> ur pursuit of internet censorship is epitamy of pointless

(28) [09:28 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> lol

(28) [09:28 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> I wouldnt call internet censorship over a red alert chat

(28) [09:28 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Another pointless point made by you

(28) [09:28 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> That was useless and dumb

(28) [09:28 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> i would call you a b1tch to your face

(28) [09:29 PM] <{H8}Mono> hahah

(28) [09:29 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> lil man

(28) [09:29 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> You just love to say dumb stuff. I think you just like listening to yourself break

(28) [09:29 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> good thing no 1 cares what u think

(28) [09:29 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> He loves getting banned

(28) [09:29 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Thats nice, cause I dont care what you think either

(28) [09:29 PM] <{H8}Mono> this is high level trolling gents, it's not easy

(28) [09:29 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> You and your dumb jokes are not even funny lol

(28) [09:29 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> much concentration required

(28) [09:30 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Break do you ever go out with friends or just sit here and think of children jokes

(28) [09:30 PM] * d0p3k1llz has formed a new game (Red Alert 1)

(28) [09:30 PM] <lochn3ss> camps*

(28) [09:31 PM] <{H8}Mono> can you hear that

(28) [09:31 PM] <Rosssi_> Hi if anyone doesnt mind a short, fat, smelly, hairy guy with a small penis and want to hook up please find me here ;)http://www.gay.com/find-guys/RosssiSwallows

(28) [09:31 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> lol

(28) [09:31 PM] <{H8}Mono> lolol

(28) [09:31 PM] <Hartseer> lol

(28) [09:31 PM] <Hartseer> rofl

(28) [09:31 PM] <lochn3ss> wtf?

(28) [09:31 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> oh break

(28) [09:31 PM] <{H8}Mono> hahahahaha

(28) [09:31 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Coming back in and sing my name

(28) [09:31 PM] <Hartseer> admin ban themselve plz

(28) [09:31 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> You know how long that gets you banned for

(28) [09:31 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> sing his name sing his name

(28) [09:32 PM] <{H8}Mono> lolo

(28) [09:32 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> his I have a small penis ban program didnt have time to acquire target

(28) [09:32 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> You are pushing it break

(28) [09:32 PM] <lochn3ss> Rossssi you shouldnt have

(28) [09:32 PM] <{H8}Mono> hahahahah

(28) [09:32 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> I can tell by IPS

(28) [09:32 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> might be u pulling

(28) [09:32 PM] <{H8}Mono> was it him lol

(28) [09:32 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Yea ok break.. i have better stuff to do

(28) [09:32 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> like hover over chat

(28) [09:32 PM] <Hartseer> lo

(28) [09:32 PM] <Hartseer> rofl

(28) [09:32 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> for some1 that works all day

(28) [09:33 PM] <Hartseer> LAMO

(28) [09:33 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> and has a life

(28) [09:33 PM] <Hartseer> rfol

(28) [09:33 PM] <Hartseer> lamo

(28) [09:33 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> u sure are quite up to date on everything

(28) [09:33 PM] <Rosssi> Break you are on the verge of getting booted... Use my name again you are gone

(28) [09:33 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> whats ur real name then?

(28) [09:33 PM] <lochn3ss> oh shit

(28) [09:33 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> claudia? jenny?

(28) [09:33 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> lol

(28) [09:34 PM] <Hartseer> lol

(28) [09:34 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> i bet its mary

(28) [09:34 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> lol

(28) [09:34 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> mary cox

(28) [09:34 PM] <Hartseer> rodl

(28) [09:34 PM] <Hartseer> rofl

(28) [09:34 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> "use my name again and get booted"

(28) [09:34 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> u guys see the dumbness right?

(28) [09:34 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> its not just me?

(28) [09:34 PM] <Hartseer> yes

(28) [09:34 PM] <[rtb]hunipr>  ;[                                      ]

(28) [09:34 PM] <Hartseer> rodk

(28) [09:34 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Break.

(28) [09:34 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Youre making yourself look dumb

(28) [09:34 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> use my name again

(28) [09:34 PM] <Rosssi|MAN|> With your pointless comments

(28) [09:34 PM] <lochn3ss> gentlemen seems like we got here an old mexican standoff

(28) [09:35 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> and i murder ur family

(28) [09:35 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> after i rape them

(28) [09:35 PM] <Hartseer> ooooooo

(28) [09:35 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> run along

(28) [09:35 PM] * Error: Cannot send to channel

(28) [09:38 PM] * June 28 2016 - www.cncnet.org

(28) [09:38 PM] * Type '/help' to view a list of game lobby commands.

(28) [09:38 PM] * Connecting... (takes up to 1minute)

(28) [09:38 PM] * *** Looking up your hostname

(28) [09:38 PM] * *** Checking Ident

(28) [09:38 PM] * *** Found your hostname

(28) [09:38 PM] * *** No ident response


Do you think Rossi was correct to threaten to ban ORA-Breakdown if he said Rossi's name in chat one more time?




Does ORA-BreakDown deserve 30 day ban?






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The problem is you have no respect for authority. I have warned you many times, to respect me and other admins. And you clearly don't. You continue to make polls, swear at people, and threaten peoples family.  I gave you numerous warnings before and you don't listen. You insulted me for almost 30 minutes without me even kicking or banning you.


<Rosssi> (28) [09:35 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> and i murder ur family

<Rosssi> (28) [09:35 PM] <ORA-BREAK_> after i rape them


When you start talking about my family and how you want to rape them, I'm definitely going ban you. There's no reason why you should say you will murder the family and rape them. If you like I can pull plenty of logs showing how disrespectful you are towards funky and the admin team.




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  • 2 weeks later...

I have warned you many times, to respect me and other admins.


That's the wrong way to go about it. You have to earn your respect, not demand it.


Couldn't you just ignore him if you feel he is being disrespectful?



Then again I don't understand certain people. Personally, I treat everybody with respect and show respect to everybody. But there's certain people that just don't have any respect themselves, whatsoever, so I guess they can't show any in return.

Call it mental retardation or disability for lack of better words.  :huh:




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