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Hidden sountrack


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Hi, I was playing compaign today and after few hours at last mission heard different soundtrack what I never heard and belive me I'm not plaing from yesterday.

At end was "game over" Did you ever heard something different?

I should record it, now I cant find it in soundtrack list.


Did you ever heard different (hidden) sountrack as me?

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Heehee, Glad I managed to surprise someone with that :D


That's the credits blooper track, yea. Originally made by Frank Klepacki for the Covert Ops, but since that didn't have any kind of credits since it was just loose missions, he posted it on his website.


I took it from there and modified the game to play it as score theme when finishing the very last campaign mission for either campaign. It's just one of the many small changes of the 1.06 patch  :heady:




If you extract rules.ini from updatec.mix you can actually edit which tracks are played for all special screens in the game. It has settings for the main menu, nod score, gdi score, multi score, gdi credits, nod credits, and for the default theme to start playing at mission start.


By the way... there is actually an option in the config tool to enable/disable the use of the credits music:


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