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(Suggestion) (Minor) Chat box in game lobby


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Is there maybe a way to make it always interacted? Right now its pretty annoying to join a room, someone say hi, I need move my mouse to the already small box to finally be able to type. However, then when I click somewhere like changing my country I need do the process again. I see no reason to not make it always focused since you don't need to use the keyboard for other reasons, at the lobby.


If above can't be done, what about if you press enter that it activate?

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As of today's update the problem is half fixed. However, the chatbox still unfocus if you pick a country, etc and I honestly think there's no reason it should unfocus at all. Seeing I always pick country first and say hi if someone says hi, the issue is not truly fixed yet for me.


Again this is minor though but I hope its possible to just make it always focused in game lobby.

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