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Are tiberian sun and firestorm cds legal?


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I cant believe how long it took me to find the 3 isos for this game (nod, gdi and firestorm) i thought i will find them in the first google search result but that was not the case its funny how i finally found them at abandonware site where i found a working copy of cc aftermath aswell since EA's 40mb iso seems to be corrupted and im glad i have a backup of them now cause im in a preserve every c&c iso mission right now but what i want to know is are they legal since the game is free?


They seem to be exact copies of the original nothing removed or added and i like the installer just like the red alert 2 installers and also the copy ea gave is just a archived directory lol...


Also the cd versions seem to have a small e.v.a message when i run the game for the first time unlike the copy of ea.


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What was released as freeware version was basically just a zipped folder of a No-CD "The first Decade" install of Tiberian Sun + Firestorm, with an included .reg file to get the registry settings right.


Given the fact EA made it freeware, though, it should be legal to distribute the original CDs too. But they never released them.


These are the official releases, as archived by archive.org:


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Actually, I was the one who uploaded the RA expansion CDs. Not sure what went wrong with that Aftermath one, though; the one I uploaded was a complete working rip O_o

Really? Check if your AM disc has a damaged section where main.mix is - it displays as 266 MB or so when viewing files, but it crashes XCC Mixer.

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