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Final Sun Video Tutorials

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1:48 - Converting RA2 map to TS map
2:51 - Repairing map
3:36 - Enlarging the map
4:34 - Copy pasting water
4:55 - Copy pasting cliffs
5:33 - LOVE BABY (lol)
5:54 - Placing small natural cliffs
8:18 - Copy pasting difficult terrain
10:33 - Copy pasting terrain from different map
13:01 - Inserting red tib tree
13:33 - Inserting new Civilian buildings (xtx)
13:37 - Inserting and editing the big GDI Canon



0:01 - Fixing weapon mistake
0:37 - Search tool
0:50 - Edited INI mod (for any possible errors)
1:55 - Explaining trigger system: Steal 2 buildings
2:28 - Turning all desired buildings a specific house in notepad++
4:00 - loading backup from np++ trick
4:21 - Replacing new ini on top of existing saturn canon mod
5:50 - Creating trigger system: Steal 2 buildings
10:20 - Testing Triggers
10:46 - Cloning triggers for all spawns
11:15 - Using 2nd view in np++
11:43 - Organizing Trigger and Tag Lines for editing purposes
12:14 - Using Ctrl+F in np++ to make quick edits
12:46 - Hold Left Alt to column select and edit multiple lines
13:04 - Column select and use column editor (alt+c)
14:39 - Same technique for spawns in events and actions


part 3:

0:04 - Manually editing Actions (organizing codes)
1:17 - Column editing spawn's (This can be done in TSWaveMaker too, which i show you in later parts)
2:45 - Making all triggers disable themself
3:50 - Checking my manual work
6:12 - Continuing finalsun changes in np++
7.00 - 10.00 - checking everything
10:15 - resolving mistakes
10:52 - Found mistake
12:13 - testing if trigger works for all spawns
12:28 - Creating Ai script to fully test re-capturing with all spawns
13:43 - typing backwards in taskforces lol
14:06 - ai's engineer script to capture building


part 4:

0:56 Delaying ai engi attack
1:42 - Cloning the trigger system for all 8 buildings and spawns (ini file and notepad++trick)
03:40 - Copying all trigger related tags into an INI file
4:20 - Copying file
4:57 - Renaming all ID's, copying
6:14 - renaming the copied one 
6:40 to 8-50 - Copying it as many times as needed ( total of 8)
9:13 - Multiple file selecting trick in windows
10:17 - Renaming the first 2 triggers for the entire system
11:00 - Adding all the INI files in a map
12:00 - Finalizing them all in a single ini file
12:58 - Inserting it in the map
13:32 - Awh yeah look how fresh

part 5:

0:15 - Repairing ini file and reinserting (all will overwrite)
1:13 - attaching the triggers to the buildings w finalsun (with copy paste ofcourse)
1:35 - using the system trigger (leftovers) to mutant barracks with big sams
3:13 - Inserting big sam & editing its weapon
3:50 - adding mutant barracks too
4:46 - BIRD (flybug) buildable with mutbar
7:05 - Make tunnels in your map (seperat vid:


part 6:

0:25 - Using np++ Multi clipboard (handy addon)
0:53 - Giving Oil Tanker a crate
1:45 - Editing Crate rules
2:18 - saving map, reloading in np++ and pasting rules
2:33 - Turn traincrate and truck to Yes under [Basic]
4:50 - 1 Adding OilTanker to Tasforce
5:24 - 2 Placing waypoints
6:15 - 3 Making it loop around with a Script
7:01 - 4 Combing all above with TeamTypes
7:42 - 5 Making a trigger to activate team
9:14 -  Copying the ^^ loop with TSWaveMaker
12:45 - Testing Tanker
14:25 - putting water ripples behind the floater (locomotor)

Part 7:

0:27 - Testing if crate appears on shore
2:08 to 5.20 - Going through an ini mod, deleting tags i don't want
6:00 - Starting with Little machine gun boat
9:14 - Placing organized waypoints on map
11:30 Scripting boat attacks


Part 8:

0:00 - Continu scripting ai boats
1:05 - Cloning+ editing scripts with TSWaveMaker
3:47 - Making taskforces and teams for ai boats
5:03 - Cloning Teams with TSWaveMaker
5:55 - Creating the trigger for the teams 
8:49 - map error while testing
9:14 - Checking weapons (weapons wrongly coded always cause errors)
10:37 - Testing again, haha there they are.



Original topic:

As much as I enjoy being creative, spending too much time in maps have to come to an end for me. I'm spending the same time now, on making tutorials on what i've learned along the way. I made a bunch of tutorial video's already and two of them already uploaded on youtube. I just really want people to know how great Tiberian Sun is! The way they made C&C is incredible: So much is edit-able, mod-able, so many idea's are born cuz of how well they structured all of it. Even tho its pretty old by now, I'm still impressed! I don't see this type of editing possible any where else! And I enjoyed making maps so much, it always gave me such joy because every idea always works and for people to play it online makes me so happy! There is so much too it! Also, the tutorials on ppmsite are often for advanced map makers, so I want to simplify everything and really get into the basics.

I really hope more people would make maps and are not afraid to explore whats beyond terrain editing. Just ask for help!


So far I made an Intro video and only a "how to properly make cliffs" video. I really suggest to find the proper way of editing! Cuz you can lose a lot of time by not knowing the short cuts. And thats the second reason i'm making tutorials: Know what works and more importantly what Doesn't!


CnCnet TS MAP MAKING TUTS: Intro: What you can create https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAsJmFJ_kRA


FinalSun Tutorial: Update & How to properly make cliffs  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhIorPyiCek



More video's are coming up!!!


Edited by Holland
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Posted (edited)

Can you make a tutorial on how to add colors other than red to units?

For example, cabal was blue in the campaign, or the civilian vehicles around maps would often have colors like yellow schoolbuses or red pickups.

Edited by GeneralZAPP
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