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OMG Shirts!


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Those RA1 gameplay ones are pretty neat... but what really caught my eye was the Dune II Westwood logo. Wow. Pixelly goodness! Looks lovely on desert-sandy yellow, too.


I just have to wonder how legal that all is.


This one is odd, though...


That's not C&C95 at all; that image is based on the icon of the Windows 3.11 launcher "rungame.exe" of DOS C&C :laugh:


Given the actual resolution of the game, it's also a bit TOO low-res, for my tastes :boring:

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Yeah, well given that a bunch of them were from that C&C3>TD mod, it looks like someone just whipped them up. So, to answer your question; probably not that legal  XD


Yeah, the pixely ones are pretty cool and stand out to me the most, and yeah, I thought the RA1 game play ones were also really cool.




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Well, a lot such companies have general agreements with the affected publishers to allow fan content. I know the T-shirt website WeLoveFine released an enormous amount of My Little Pony fan designs (the MLP:FIM art community is insanely large and productive) because they have an agreement with Hasbro about it.


It's win-win for everyone involved; fans get money for their design being sold as official merchandise, and the rights holder gets a share of the money.


I don't think any of these were from the C&C3-> C&C1 mod though. The design of that one with the soldiers was based on a showcase render of the Tiberian Dawn mod's infantry, but the actual used graphics were the original C&C1 graphics, as per the original joke picture I made.

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