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What other forums do you guys visit?


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I go on a couple other forums when I'm not on here like


Command and Conquer Renegade






CNC Reborn and Renalert Forum




Blizzhackers.cc is my 1st and original home forums

I was abrcadet on here. I found this forum from some one on Diablo 2: LOD on USEAST.

He told me about botting and hacks for the game and it was awesome. I don't remember who told me. But Thanks for them for spreading the word. Blizzhacker.cc is howi got hooked on forums.



I cant remember how I ran across Cncnet.org. I think it was on Facebook from one of the cnc pages I liked and ended up here.

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Haven't seen much C&C1 or RA1 modding there, to be honest :P


Besides this place I'm on CNCNZ, and occasionally on PPM.


There used to be so many... the Planet C&C forum, RADen, the RA Techcenter, C&C World... now all gone or defunct.


And the C&C Communications Center forum, of course, which quite recently got absorbed in, and renamed to, the CnCNet forum :(

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