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Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

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Another thing that seems to be bugged with the Bask185 missions are the buildable badger bombers. I freed a slot on my airstrip and built one, then it appears on it and I am not able to select it at all. Building one when the strips are full simply does nothing.

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Maybe I should have waited to test the Bask missions before including them in the compilation.  They sound quite bugged!  I'm sure Bask can fix those issues if he comes back around. The Flamedancers invisible building bug unfortunately looks unfixable at this point, unless I get some outside knowledge from someone else. I looked at everything I could think of and saw no issues.

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Red alert reloaded allies mission(18) tanks gone m.a.d crashes everytime right after the chronosphere is built


Edit** - mission can still be beaten without the chronosphere but it specifically states to build one. I assume the developer meant for you to use it to transport the stolen vehicle to the drop point as you are chased by the enemy once you steal the tank.

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