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New Icons and side bar (wip, opinions needed)


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I think this is the right place to post this


For a while i have been working on a new side bar and alternative cameos. I personally liked the uniformity and lack of writing on the DOS cameo however i did not want them to appear pixelated so this was my solution.


(this pic was edited show you the icons)


I Lost the Pic :/


Of course they are not finished and some have problem (like the inf being incomplete)


I would be great full if people could give there opinion on these icons and how i could improve them (they are for both RA and TD and i intend to use a similar style in future mods)


Some buildings from mods are included to show the style i want to achieve and how easy it would be to create a full set that match for a mod.

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@ godly-cheese Both, since a lot of RA and CnC units are the same i though i might as well remake the icons for both games


@ uNdeAd I personaly prefer sidebar icons without text and look more uniform (hence why i didnt just remove the lettering on the excisting icons) Other reasons were i liked how the dos cameos changed colour (however i dont know if nyerguds can implement that logic in to CnC Gold) and i wanted a style i could use for mod while not needing work on making new cameos fit in.

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A lot of my shp's are pretty messed up due to using the shp builder on them and not importing the using xcc (it would be nice if someone posted a tut on how to do that here, i cant remember and it would be usfull to new community members) but i can upload the image files i used to create them however


Edit is that all of them?


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Tutorials? You mean, like this one?




There isn't much more to it than that. Then you edit the frames and copy them (well, the first one. It'll find the rest automatically) back as SHP. The only thing that's important is not changing its colour palette or saving it as high-colour PNG.


btw, the conc pattern is wrong. Try it ingame, you'll see.

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I also feel bad bumping this post, but that tut is down, and I kinda want to see it also. I get the idea of what I have to do to sort it out. It's mainly what programs to use to edit the SHPs. I have one way, but it consists of me manually copying and pasting ALL the frames in an SHP, yuk. And using such a method, I'm still left using slightly off black as black to solve transparency issues :S

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