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Has anyone seen an increase of people not loading in a game?


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I've seen intermittent issues of not loading, but thats always over-come with repeat attempts. Thus far it is only a mild irritant. On a tangent: maps are outright failing to upload to the CNC database now though, or suffering internal errors moments into starting - that correlates with the update.

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I've noticed a recurring issue when one player will always get an internal error on game load, although I'm not able to recreate the issue at will.


The solution is for the host to just play another map, or for the host to re-create the game (the player who gets the error, will repeatedly get the error - even after restarting the client).  


I'd also echo Matt's point about the Chinese having issues, although that could just be down to the Internet situation they have in that country. 

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I am just noticing this issue for a long time and stopped to play because of this - it takes 20 retries until all players have the map loaded... if the game load crashes they dont stay in gamelobby they just leave the game and then new players come and have to load the map again which leads to crashes again... this is so annoying - is there any plan to fix this in near future?


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On 6/28/2017 at 4:50 PM, 12345 said:

yes i have seen only myself load quite a few times the past few days

if you're the only one loading, you're probably the only one not loading... unless you already knew that.

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