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What offical map is good for 3v3 you think?


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Here are the maps I think :

Tour of Egypt
Bay of Pigs
Army of the Potomac
Triple Crossed
East Vs Best
Islands on the Land
Sedona Pass
Monument Valley
Bridaing the Gap


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Heck (by far the best team map)



defcon 6

arena 33 forever

bridging the gap

east vs best

islands on the land (have only played a few games on this map. but have been very interesting games)

Malibu cliffs

monument valley

sedona pass

transylvania trouble

tripple cross ( without eating would be more fun then rushing rockies and killing 3 engis)


i believe all maps are decent, but how a tourney should be played is have a starting map. then each team picks a map each.

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Heck(the best one)

TOE(it's so mundane, however can expect some ggs)

Malibu cliffs(exciting map and a large one)

East vs Best(Camp based team map)

bridging the gap(another camp based map)

unrepentant(mid map control with quite fair spots)


the rest are just some ok maps, or include lucky win(like arena 33 forever) or are the ones that I don't know.

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