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Windows 7 is a bitch!


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I cant play cnet due that my port forwarding needs something else but i cant fix it! i have read all kinds of stuff but none of them work... IP SUCKS MY BALLS! i even use game ranger but FAIL! Please help! not even command conquer tiberium wars work... i have to restart the game and boom! EACH TIME WHEN A SERVER CLOSES DOWN!

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modem or what ever it is... and uses Wireless adapter for laptops... i have the main computer but cnet is alone... also asked that my code or ip is duplicate or something... Also how you fix ION CANNON WEAPON ON THE GAME? makes a weird glitch... it shoots and blows up everything... it even says your mission is a faiuler... WTF? it does it sometimes and sometimes it works.... EDIT: OH and its a router... not a wireless adapter... XD and yes full ADMINISTRATOR... but not for the game because askes me for the ORIGINAL CD THAT THE TFD...

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...you're not making much sense.


-I never heard of an ion cannon glitch that makes you lose. Was it your ion cannon or the enemy's? What was targeted to make you lose? was it single player?

- I couldn't even determine from your post if you got TFD or not... but both should act exactly the same, especially after installing the 1.06 patch.

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