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CnCnet - Tiberian Sun Singleplayer Skirmish instant Crash to Desktop?


Hello all, I have installed CnCnet online for Tiberian Sun on my laptop, when I open up single player skirmish and set the game up, hitting launch minimizes the CnCnet launcher for 5 seconds, screen flickers, then CnCnet single player skirmish starts again. Any ideas how to fix?

Single player affinity is checked and I have tried launching the game with every single graphics setting, ddwrapper, ddraw, dxwnd etc.


Windows 10 64 bit

Core i7-6920HQ


Nvidia Quadro P3000

500GB Main SSD

1TB 5400RPM (where TS is installed)

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Which installer did you use? TSinstaller3-beta11r6.exe or TiberianSun_Online_Installer.exe?

Did you also try DxWnd+WindowMode?

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