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Fixing Internal Errors in Custom Maps

Chrono Vortex

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What This Is

Not too long ago, I found this article on ModEnc detailing the exact causes of a number of internal errors (IEs) in Yuri's Revenge. I thought to myself "great, now I can look up all the error logs for my maps and fix them!" No cigar, turns out the error codes for CnCNet's main executable, "gamemd-spawn.exe," are different from those of the original game.

If you've ever tried to make maps with a significant number of triggers or INI edits, odds are you've come across an IE at least once. So, the following is a list of error codes and their respective causes in CnCNet, based on the one from the ModEnc article, so you can identify and fix IEs whenever they come up in your maps.

How to Use This

Whenever an IE pops up while you're playing a skirmish in CnCNet, a file called "EXCEPT_CNCNET.TXT" will be created in your main CnCNet directory. In this file, it should say somewhere "Exception occurred at [some hexadecimal value]." This hexadecimal value (hopefully) corresponds to one of the error codes listed below. The cause under the error code should tell you exactly what went wrong in your map so you can fix it.

Finding the cause of an IE which occured in a multiplayer game is only a bit trickier. The directory for these error logs is "[CnCNet Directory]/Client/ErrorLogs." This folder should contain all your IE and reconnection error logs arranged by date. The IE error logs are named "EXCEPT_CNCNET_[DATE].TXT." If you want to make sure that the error occured on the map you want to fix, open the zip file associated with the log, open the file "spawnmap.ini" it contains in WordPad or Notepad++ and search for [Basic]. under [Basic], "Name=" should tell you which map this error occured on.

Error Codes

Yeah, it's not much right now. I'll get to testing more as soon as I have the time.


I suspect that whenever the gamemd-spawn executable is updated, these error codes are liable to change, which is part of why I've provided the maps designed to test these errors. I probably won't be able to keep this list up to date reliably, so if you're inclined, feel free to test any of these errors using the provided maps and let me know what the new error code is whenever there's an update.

Also, if you find an error code and cause I haven't covered, let me know so I can stick it on the list.

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On 24.01.2018 at 5:01 PM, Chrono Vortex said:

Кроме того, если вы обнаружите код ошибки и я не включил его, сообщите мне, чтобы я мог вставить его в список.

Try to use <16 reveal all map> singleplayer action of trigger in multiplayer game.


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On 4/16/2018 at 9:51 AM, VladisS said:

Try to use <16 reveal all map> singleplayer action of trigger in multiplayer game.


On 4/16/2018 at 7:44 PM, FReQuEnZy said:

That will cause an internal error on cncnet due to exploit fixes.

IIRC that causes a reconnection error, not an internal error, and I'm not privy to any method of diagnosing those.

Also, crap, I totally forgot about this thread. Would this be useful to anybody, is it worth working on?

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On 19.04.2018 at 3:25 PM, Chrono Vortex said:

is it worth working on?

No. I think, map's maker's communitu need a new post of reconnection error (yes?), because its quet easy to find reerrors (because game perfect work in singleplayer).

ModEnc also has a internet-page about this article.

I brought some bugs in ModEnc.

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Chrono Vortex - I think you're onto something. This error happens with me when playing with map (8) - Highway Borealis in a Skirmish. Just played another couple games earlier on different maps, no crash/error... When playing I can also add the error pops up when I've got a Allied FIghter Jet doing it's thing...

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