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Tiberian Dawn - War Zone (Single Player)


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A fairly decent mission I made about a year ago. It's not too hard, and has a stupid crate-filled corner. I'm planning on editing it later to make it tougher.



Several of our commanders have been captured by GDI and are being held in a detention center. We must not allow

them to be interrogated. A large task force has been sent at your disposal. Kane wishes that the prison, GDI

base, and the nearby town be obliterated.


[could have been more interesting :P]



The gauntlet.



Starting units.



Area near my base.



Civillian town.




Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?dsb3yv0bmnb1le8


Edit: removed unneeded attachments

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Heh, the only reason I didn't attach it to the post is because I find the attachment system very confusing... :S

Anyway, I'm working on an update for this map to make it an actual challenge. Right now the only hard part is figuring out how to penetrate the GDI defensive.

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I never like missions where there are like a million defense turrets/ agts / teslas etc or where you start with like a load of units/buildings that aren't from your faction as it seems unlike the nature of a cool, challenging mission

A mission, in my eyes, should be challenging because, say, moneymaking is a pain or the enemy sends lots of varieties of attacks (infantry, air, etc) or you have a time limit rather than just a billion defenses

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