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Cliff da way (4PL)


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Great layout, this map has a lot of potential for pro 3v3. 

I'd like to suggest some edits though, to make the map more fair & interesting.


  • Add starting spots for 3v3.
  • Add ore to make the map more interesting.
  • Move oils to reduce the chance of a single team taking all oils at middle.
  • Move oils on sides to make gameplay more interesting.
  • Move neutral garrison buildings to make the gameplay more interesting.
  • Remove tech structures marked with an X.

If you don't mind I can make the edits myself. 

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11 hours ago, ChallengerX_Pro said:

Yea i think you should make it 3v3 with a 3rd oil behind each base, id suggest removing the oils in the corner's as dog luck will decide who wins and if one team gets all 6 its game over. Mabye replace them with a hospital, paradrop and tech repair shop and block 1 side off with a cliff so each side can easily obtain them.

 id suggest making the gem patches under the cliffs' (at the bases) a bit bulkier, and bigger ore patches behind the spawns (also one for the 3rd player)  

id also suggest adding a gas station on right side (diagonal from the left side one) so both sides have an easy to defend choke point. I would leave the middle as i think it looks pretty good. Has the potential to be a great map, one of the best ive seen in a while, good job.

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i played your map and the cliffs work well with the AI, and lighting is great. makes good use of ra2s lighting/elevation mechanic rather than light posts.

if you are going to revise the map i would suggest bumping up the bottom of the map border about 2 cells, as it causes a visual bug on the bottom in cliffed areas. there is a LOT of open space in this map. so much so it makes me wonder if this would be better as a six or eight player map instead. it also could use more detailing such as small hills and trees rather than large flat expanses of snow tiles, and a fixup on the dirt roads as some are missing ends and use the same tile a lot.

all in all im really liking the layout and lighting of this map.

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@ChallengerX_Pro I just checked your map in Final Alert's Framework Mode and I can see your cliffs are full of bugs...

posted image

The pink line needs to connect at cliff level and tiles shouldn't overlap, as you can see top left the 2 cell cliff tile (3) is not connecting to tile 4 under neath it.
Also middle right, your cliff corner is overlapping with the tile behind it so the top level cliff is not set up properly at all.

These bugs will cause movement/pathfinding issues in game when a player wants to send units around that cliff.


You should avoid the following spots issues...

The spot between 5/4 top level is a slope tile, if you open the cliff tile set there's a special tile that fits in there.
posted image

You've erased the top level line on tile 4 and have slope tile between 2/4.

posted image


Cliff has no back tile at bottom right corner, (4) it should use a corner cliff tile.

posted image


Connecting inner corner tile is missing, you can find it in the cliff tile set.

posted image

Inner corner tiles missing, slope is not connected to the cliffs on the right.
posted image



ALWAYS use framework mode when making cliffs.

posted image


Build cliffs with the cliff tileset!
posted image


Edited by FReQuEnZy
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