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Chemical Warrior and MLRS Change


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This is unrelated to the other stuff that I've been posting up about tournament game standards... Funny, I didn't even read Chem's post on balance before making this... anyway.

I've spoken to a couple of people about this. Basically, how would people feel about having a check box that would make both the MRLS  and the Chem Warrior into comm centre tech, rather than Adv. Comm and Temple respectively?

Obviously, it'd be more of a buff to GDI (I see little use for a Chem troop over just a regular Flame troop). But it would at least make the units properly accessible in games where people wanted to play with them. I want to be clear that I'm not asking about this in order to balance the game, (I think the game may very well have a whole host of balance issues that are hard to deal with) but this would at least let us have them in matches. I think having more stuff is fun, basically.

I think, in order to do it, there'd have to be another exe in the folder for the client to launch, as in order for units to be changed, you have to edit the exe (correct me if I'm wrong).

Having it as a check box means that people could just switch it off. So if people just want to play the classic game, or they don't like any meta that comes out of having these units more available, for the most part, they can just say "no".

8 minutes ago, AchromicWhite said:


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It could result in a mad imbalance, the mrls might of been hidden and so low in armour for reasons we can not yet see until we try it, I can see GDI suddenly having good AA, better engie defence, , amazing buggy and bike defence in base and all over the map, an even more devastating steam roller offence,  I would love to see it personally, nod are so adaptable and a bit too op and the mrls armour so weak it probably would be a nice balance. I really want to seethe GDI weapon's factory increased in armour too


Chem warrior wont make much difference at all and why not , seems the most insignificant unit in game lol  even  technicians see more action.


I would like to see also nod have buggies insta spawn next to the airfield to eliminate the silly right side advantage.

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Yeah, as I was saying, certainly not for balance reasons. But I just want to play with the pieces.

Would be nice to see some different compositions... I think the MLRS would be much better vs bike/buggy than vs apaches. I don't think they're very good AA at all, but would need testing to see.

Question is, do we want a mode like that in the game... or do we fear that it'd just always be used and potentially wreck the game?

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12 hours ago, X3M said:

Add it as a tick box for each unit separately?

If it wrecks the game too much. Remove the option again. It is up to the top 10/20 to say what the option does. Right?

I don't see the chem warrior changing anything, given that a unit of it's function is already readily available.

If you add 2 check boxes, you'd need 3 extra exe files.
-Just MLRS
-Just Chem
-MLRS and Chem

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