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C&c Rivals

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I know, it's not that great. EA digs up the CNC grave and F**** it some more. I got put in to play it. I know I'm gonna be disappointed. I don't know why I'm gonna do this to myself but it's a new CnC game. I stopped playing storey lines at CNC 3 KANE expansion. Just curious is there anyone else trying out this trash?

It wouldn't let met connect to servers last night, it kept saying it was my connection which is too funny.


Please post. No flames or extremely negative trash talk(trash talk is allowed, but not to get this topic locked).



I live streamed it for try number four to connect


I got nothing.





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As of how I understand. This game is literally aimed at a new generation of gamers. It is going to "start all over" according to the creators. But since it is a mobile game, they left out storytelling etc. It is an Everyone 10+ game. Let that sink in your heads for a while.

I wanted to give it a shot to have a proper opinion about it. But for me, it doesn't even show up in the list while searching for it.

For those who can't get the game or don't want to bother getting it. Yet are curious about the gameplay.
If you follow Taxowlbear on youtube, you can see this gameplay.

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