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So I have played roughly 100 games this month and have not had this problem with anyone else, I don't care that he cheats and lames every game, but it's pretty annoying when I am about to win and then my game just closes and he is awarded the win, I've had this happen 5 times vs him, and only him. Has anyone else had this problem with this guy and if this is some strange coincidence that it's only happened vs him, then how do I fix this bug?

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Based on his record in general and his record against you I'd have to think that this is not of his doing. This guy is only winning at a 57% clip and a quick check through his game log shows about average disconnections.

Do you have links to the specific game? Any ss's that prove you were winning conclusively?

I haven't heard of the game crashing, yet the player being awarded the win as if the other player did not disconnect. That'd be odd.

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