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2v2 Tournament in New Year's Day


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Hi all:

     CsOH is holding a 2v2 tournament around the New Year's Day, welcome to participate in this tournament!  For who would like to enroll, you can cantact CsOH via discord or his Youtube Channel. And it would be better if you can sign up a QQ acount and join group 567141030, where all participants will communicate in.

The prize pool is about 200 dollars, the allocation hasn't been decides yet.

Time: 12.31-1.2

Competition system: undecided.

Number of  team numbers: unlimited.

 Rules of competition in first stage:

          Bo7, every team can't take Yuri more than twice.

         The map is Offense and Defense, then the losing team picks map and position.

         Positions are not allowed to pick in some maps.

         In-game ally are allowed.

map pool:

City under Siege
Texas Austin
Big Trouble
Dry Heat (ladder version)
Country Swing
Sea of Isolation
Arm of Portmac
Pig Bay
Near ore Far
Death valley Girl
South Pacific
Tour of Egypt
Tanya's Train Yard
Face Down(left vs right)*
Lost Lake
Beach(left vs right)
Snow Nitro
Snow Patrol        

Maps where postion can't be picked:
Heck Freeze
Moon Patrol
Snow Valley
No Wimp
Pacific Height
Roundhouse Kick
Bridge Gap
Divide & Conquer
Coldest Peak 
Bull Run
Caverns Of Siberia*
Jungle Of Vietnam*
Morning Tide*



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On 12/5/2018 at 1:16 AM, VWWWWWWWWWWW said:

So we have to go to QQ for this? Last time it was hard getting it to work for me and then when it did work, after a week or two it stopped working.

QQ isn't optional.Ra2ol, a cnc-like platform is preferred, but I guess cncnet would also be optional if it's not lagging.   You can ask CsOH via discord for more information on servers to be used.

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On 12/13/2018 at 5:44 PM, Stoneman said:

Is there a reason why the Chinese won't play on CNC net? 

Guess the reason might be that we just get accustomed to our own server and own big community, the server is laggy to us. Another reason might be the all-English environment is unfriendly for most players. 

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I play in both CNC and Ra-Battlenet. The blocked net may be one important reason. But I think CNC is much laggier for the program itself than Ra-Battlenet, and members need to re get ready if the host change any setting. What's more, the CNC interface might need to be beautified...

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4 hours ago, VWWWWWWWWWWW said:

Does the chinese server have a clan ladder? Maybe you guys should post instructions on how non-chinese players can get on there

Champs up for new 2 vs 2 Tournament? with more good teams ? :D 

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