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$100 bo9 series bet with MustacheX


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We will play AvA on QM map pool bo9 (first to 5 wins) for $100, games will be streamed by Edd
each player can veto 4 maps listed.

First map of the game will be randomly picked by Marsh on game day, after that it's loser picks.

Game Settings:

Available maps:

Offense Defense
Snow Valley
Tournament Map B
Jungle of Vietnam
Tour of Egypt
Montana DMZ
Country Swing
Divide and Conquer
Death Valley Girl
Stormy Weather
Cavern's of Siberia
North Waves
South Pacific
Bull Run
City Under Siege
Coldest Peak
New Heights
Glowing Waters
Pacific Heights
Cold War
Let there be Fight
Hail Mary
Desert Island
Proving Grounds
Urban Rush
All The Fury
Dry Heat
Sahara Mirage
Heck Freezes Over

Maps are to be played one time no exception.

My vetos: Tourney B, Let there be Fight, Yellowstone, North Waves

All games will take place on Friday the 22nd 2019 having to leave mid series or not showing up for series will be considered a forfeit.

I agree to everything above, Mustache please post your vetos here and agree to the terms.

Edited by Andy.
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