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Runtime error on Ladder game



First of all, thanks for creating CnCnet, very happy with it!

I wanted to try ladder games, but I get an error after some time. I click on quick match, minimize. And a few seconds later a popup shows. And the ladder part of the software shuts down. I can see that a game has been started on ladder.cncnet.org.


Schermafdruk 2019-06-03 19.52.40.png

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5 hours ago, dkeeton said:

What operating system? Windows 7 64bit?

This may not be fixable, but the first thing you can try to do is delete the Qt folder from inside your game folder and then click the ranked match button.

Indeed win7 64bit. I've deleted the Qt folder, following error message appears.

Roughly translated from dutch: The system cant find the file.

Which sounds as expected, as the folder has been deleted.

Schermafdruk 2019-06-04 10.40.48.png

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