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  1. Here's the finished product. :laugh: Fun fact, those tear gas infantry are actually C10s! Thanks for your help with Moebius, helped me work out these guys as well.
  2. Okay, sweet. Appreciate the feedback Nyer. I'll make a proper one tomorrow. Then onto the conyard and gene bank!
  3. Okay, I'll give it a shot. It's a little primitive (I would smooth out the shadows using anti-aliasing) but what do you think?
  4. What do you think? Japan's coming along eh? :laugh: All that's left to do now is a conyard...
  5. Sorry to nudge on this again, but do you mind giving me an answer on what is wrong here? I can keep it simple and go with a time 300 win trigger but I was thinking it would be cooler to have the player mop up. The AI's refusal to obey All To Hunt doesn't help the horde aspect though. What can you do...
  6. Haha thank you! It's the Japanese unique tank. It's really fast, cheap, and hits like a truck, but so light on hull, haha.
  7. Haha so it could be a... medium tank? :laugh: Thank you White. And thanks for being an awesome spriter too--your oil refinery was a great base for mine and I ended up using your light tank turret for my light tank too, so cheers
  8. Sorry to be a bit slow on finishing this one. I hope to soon! Here's something else I finished today as a sweetner.
  9. Oh, nice! Hope that went well Nyer My weekend was moving my tech-trees around and working out I need to design a Japanese construction yard soon. :O
  10. Did you discover anything interesting? Or I am just missing the plot entirely, haha.
  11. Sorry might have failed to articulate that. XD The mission can be won by killing the civilian buildings. Despite the civilian units (who are locked away using cliffs) having allow win, there's actually no need to kill them.
  12. I just tested it now actually. Notice how this map doesn't do anything about allow win... It's scb04ea which naturally has an allow win, just moved all the civilians to an area off map. scb44ea.zip
  13. I watched the original trilogy, unmodified. You know what I kept hearing? Lines from C&C Meets Star Wars. XD Was so good.
  14. Well glad there is some interest. I will have to consider my options when I have all of the buildings done, like releasing the mod without any maps to prospects under a do-not-distribute arrangement or something.
  15. Problem is, if I set one of those triggers above to be "win" rather than "allow win", then the "allow win"s have no effect. I've never had allow win working for me, to be honest.
  16. How do I make this trigger work? I'm trying to have my mission be victorious when all four enemies have been destroyed. Currently, trying this: WIN1=All Destr.,Allow Win,0,BadGuy,None,0 WIN2=All Destr.,Allow Win,0,Multi1,None,0 WIN3=All Destr.,Allow Win,0,Multi2,None,0 WIN4=All Destr.,Allow Win,0,Multi3,None,0 All to hunt is getting a bit screwy too, lots of troops standing around doing nothing. :/ Thanks guys. Please note this is for TD.
  17. Haha I remember that one. Amusingly the final level of one of the campaigns will be similar to that, just with a proper interior theatre. Just thought some people might like to have fun playing around with USA/Russia/Cuba/Japan and so on. Tomorrow and CoA have plenty of missions as is.
  18. Aww OpenRA's fine. It's just different!
  19. Ah yeah I mispoke there--I'm referring to single player missions here. My mod is unplayable as hell on multiplayer maps, haha. I'm working on it Chimas. I want to make it a big release that's complete rather than something half done.
  20. Hi there guys, I'm wondering how many people are still making maps for C&C? I had the thought that I could organise a small contest or something to make some extra missions for people to play for my mod. There's lots of extra cool factions that only have one or two missions, could be amazing to have more. :laugh: (Not that I don't mind making C&C maps--it's the one game I enjoy making maps for, as it's like making a puzzle when it's a non-production mission and it's just really fun when it's an epic production mission, done like 20 or so so far)
  21. Haha sorry if I accidentally sparked a bit of a debate. It's natural though considering such a diverse series--after all it split into RA->C&C, RA2, TS, EA C&Cs, Generals, etc. Still, always keep coming back to this game. I was tempted the other day to apply my strategic vision to SC2... and was like "Who cares about that game" haha. Amusingly, my own universe would be going to space if it did take off. Although it wouldn't be all laser beams and stuff about it.
  22. Personally I only really liked C&C1. TS... I didn't enjoy the balance of the game at all (it didn't help that all the lasers would cause internal errors as soon as they were fired... typical EA TFD version). I liked C&C for being all about terrorism and counter-terrorism so on and less about mutants and aliens. It went from gritty almost real to sci-fi. Not that that was a bad thing, just different from the original idea. Kane was very fun in TS. I only played the demo of C&C3 (didn't like it as infantry were useless and units were moved on right-click), didn't even bother with C&C4.
  23. Ah right! I don't actually have a palette editor... I've been doing everything using temperat.pal for C&C, even my new theatre work.
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