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  1. Some pretty fun ideas here. I second the hotel being awesome.
  2. I seem to remember it having a similar angle to the one here. Of course, my brain might just be crossing wires and that is the one I am half remembering XD
  3. Perhaps see if the ones above interest you You might even be able to help out if you're super cluey.
  4. That was a door? I never realised. I don't mind doing the sprites if you want to figure out the logo on the conyard thing. Only if you're keen of course :laugh:
  5. For my project, yeah, Red/Grey isn't really required (Brown/Red for Brutal and Burgundy/Gold for private security), so I was just starting off with doing a scheme for myself as a test (if I had a faction, haha, although I don't in the project as they don't exist at that point in the story line), which would be White/Red. I can easily recreate the Beta shot though if there's interest. Nyer must feel this way all the time, bending the EXE to his will. :laugh:
  6. Thanks to your advice I've now added two more schemes: Look at them in action here! I thought instead of police, why not go all the way and have private security handling police matters just like Dues Ex.
  7. Haha well the fix is easy enough there Cheers though. :laugh: Now begins the point of me going "Mhmm which colour for which part of the helipad..." Fortunately the dual-tone faction I am going with doesn't use too many buildings...
  8. Success! Dual tone silver/red :3 Thanks a bunch for your guide Nyer :laugh: I'll add a Red/Brown one for Chris Brutal's forces, unsure if I'll bother with police as I'd rather not have to dual-tone all the buildings in the game haha.
  9. I'm working on my website job tonight, but thanks a lot for a detailed description Nyer! I will definitely give this a go tomorrow and let you know how I go ^_^
  10. I seem to remember one on a grassy background, with the camera looking down on it slightly. I might be missremembering though.
  11. Okay, so I've done the sprites for the communications centre so far. Was going to start on the remaps, but there's a few things I'm not sure about. How do I define the string that would be used for it? I don't see any entries in conquer.eng so I assume it's elsewhere, but I am not sure what I am looking at when I go to 1A9F6C. So the addresses you gave are a lookup table for the arrays which are located elsewhere? The format for them is the 16 bit thing you gave me earlier, right?
  12. I remember seeing a different communications centre cameo a little while ago, can't seem to refind it. Was curious if anybody knew where it was and if I could use it in my project. :laugh:
  13. I cheated on that one haha I used two houses, one for the weapons factories and one for the rest of the base. I'm going to try a brown/red dual tone for Chris Brutal tonight!
  14. Thanks Nyer. Yeah I think it makes the buildings really shine! On infantry and vehicles it's a bit glarey so I went with this I should share my Green, Brown and DarkGrey remaps at some point...
  15. Thanks for the information mate! It's good to know that area can be expanded should I need to exploit new things like your dual tone experiments. Currently I have chosen colours for each of the main factions for the time being: Tomorrow: DarkGrey (tweaked) Company of Answers: Orange and Fire Japan: Green (tweaked) Russia: Red USA: Blue Terrorist forces: Gold (for group 1) and Brown (for group 2) Cuba: WarmSilver Australian police: Gold buildings and vehicles and blue infantry Chris Brutal's Mob: Brown Might be an idea to try something new for the police and/or Brutal's forces. I'm open to ideas, and hey, if you do dual-tone I'll review the factions I have done so far and think if it would suit any of them.
  16. That's right! You allowed me to do the same, e.g. for Company of Answers: [GoodGuy] Allies=Neutral,GoodGuy Edge=East ColorScheme=Orange SecondaryScheme=Fire It'd be a fun mod for sure. Not sure if buildings would look worse though with the reduced number of remap colours but I suppose that'd be up to the pixel artist. At the end of the day the motivation for the suggestion was logos on conyards and at a stretch-- a way that would allow me to skin a building or two. Sadly I've already used up all the colours in my mod though... I've overwritten a few using hex as it is haha. Still I'd be interested to see what's possible! Just saw your edit, and heh-heh, you have great eyes for spotting those details!
  17. *nods* Sure! I was just thinking about the possibilities. It's easy to get a bit excited about restoring some awesome beta things such as side-specific shps and so on. I understand though.
  18. Yeah there's a few shots of it lifted from TFD's extras in the beta shots area too But hey, if it's possible, would look great :O Annnnnd it could also be used for sneaky things like two tone colours for Nod buildings by using side specific shp loading, and recolours/skins of buildings to look different for my factions. I wouldn't overuse it as most of my mod is done already but it would be nice for say, logos on barracks and weapons factories. (If you did the buildup as well it would be a total reskin but I'm guessing that you'd base it somewhat off the code for theatre specific stuff) How possible do you think it would be? Not sure if you have looked into that area. To work properly, it'd have to be controlled by the constructing player, not the one owning the thing.
  19. I was thinking about this again--would something like this be possible? [smg id=175] I meant the construction yard here... I wouldn't care about a separate buildup; just the finished frames so we could have the logo. One for GDI, Nod, Civilian and JP. As far as files go, could just recycle the radar logo extensions from the game files.
  20. It's to allow things like shadows and those circular movement pings to be changed with new theatres.
  21. It's very impressive Nyer We have genius in our midst, haha~ And yes I know that feeling :| I remember attempting a black player colour scheme, it didn't really work...
  22. Did you make that one or look it from image searching? And I can try something like that if people want! Keep in mind the other Japanese buildings too *nods*
  23. Huh, seems fine here. Must be the cache at home gone psycho.
  24. I can barely tell what those images are, sorry White. XD I did think long and hard about ideas though yeah, going through Bing and through the various Construction Yards of games I own. Most of them generally follow the shed + crane paradigm, so trying to make something new is challenging. I had an idea of a pivot robot-arm style building, where it was a semi-circle of crates and one cylinder that grabbed objects, but wasn't sure if that would have the affordance of a construction yard. Is it just me or has the icon for personal messages (offline) changed to White's Stealth Tank?
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