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  1. Glad to hear I ended up having to remake the whole shp due to the new animations (I magic wanded your changes onto the bazooka). Although technically I could have left the lag time on the end of the firing sequences. I can always add it back later XD
  2. Haha it's cool. I'm welcome to slightly more sensible suggestions also :O
  3. I always liked how C&C was based on reality :laugh:
  4. Awesome So far we have the following people locked in: 1. Jacko 2. White and GoatMessiah So my question is What should I offer as prizes? Money? Hugs? Prestige? Ego points? Ongoing beta access? Credits in the game? Using the maps in the mod? XD
  5. Today I finished another map! :laugh: I need to finish 3 more and then I'll have enough for the contest.
  6. Thanks for the interest! I'll answer your questions in turn: 1. I had a button the left, so I thought it was a bit redundant! :laugh: I don't mind having it there though, was just trying to focus attention on the project. 2. Yes there is--I'll do a longer write up of it and post it soon. I was focusing on gameplay with this announcement so far! 3. Not at this time, but it's something I am considering when I have some video content as well. 4. I read the terms and conditions of ModDB and they were a bit concerning, making it sound like they took ownership of anything that was submitted to them. I will email them sometime to clarify this, I don't want my hard work getting taken off me. 5. I'm currently thinking of releasing a closed beta to people interested in making maps for the project, as a form of mini-contest. Oh and @ Karpet, nice idea I'll think of something and show when I have something to show.
  7. Thanks to White, I modified his RPG soldier and put him into my mod! :laugh: Check 'em out! These replace Bazookas for the Forces of Tomorrow, amusingly can spawn from destroyed civilian structures. Insurgents! XD A comparison between the RPGs and Bazookas - Both are $300, move speed 6, 25 health, 4 range, 60 rate of fire - Bazookas fire 30 damage AP rounds - RPGs fire inaccurate 50 damage HE rounds The result is that RPGs are similar to C&C grenadiers with longer range and with anti-air capability. Should be interesting!
  8. Was trying out some experimental Mortar troops. Turns out, only Civilians can wield weapons with clips in C&C! For some reason my attempts to give normal units a clip of anything other than infinite just makes them never reload. :O So it looks like the Mortar Troops, if I implement them, are going to have an interesting hit and run mechanic XD
  9. Ah clever! Yeah when you have that much control over warheads then you can make some more interesting tactical choices I like it White! In my mod, Navy SEALs are just minigunners with +20% speed, 3x damage, 3x range, a bit more health and 3x the cost. I'm undecided on adding extra infantry (could add some rocket alternatives). I'll let you guys know what I decide.
  10. Haha I don't mind sending you a copy Nyer, without you it would never have been possible! Glad you find my content exciting I'm pumped for whenever there's enough people interested in the contest.
  11. So how many people do we have interested so far? I'd like about 3-4 if possible rather than just automatic winners XD
  12. I was most tempted by the LMG guys. Give them the guard tower weapon. My problem with doing this is they completely outclass Navy SEALs and I'd rather keep SEALs as being the infantry kings. Snipers have a similar issue--they can get too strong easily. Mortars are a possibility. As they'd share the same weapon as Redoubts I'd have to give them a clip size of 1... which could be a little slow firing. I'm open to suggestions Honest John missile troops anyone? XD
  13. Thank you White! As soon as I've finished the Japanese Conyard I'll happily launch the mapping contest so you guys can have a go! It was a big temptation to use your troops for something :laugh: Be it for Chris Brutal's forces or otherwise. Hard to not make something OP though.
  14. Mostly, yes! It is used in two missions to allow scripted reinforcements. (I.e. in the airstrike screenshot: the airstrip, when captured, is used to land an MCV)
  15. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Releasing on 30/5/20 C&C: Dawn of Tomorrow is a project for Tiberian Dawn. It has two complete 7 mission campaigns, featuring the main two factions of the project: The Company of Answers and the Forces of Tomorrow. There are also bonus missions for the other factions encountered during the campaigns: Russia, USA, Japan, Chris Brutal's forces and Civilians. The project is not designed for multiplayer at this time--due to the multiple changes I've made to the game, it'd be a little weird (and imbalanced, haha). It's not impossible however if there's interest Who will you lead to victory? Will you attempt to conquer the world single handedly or seek to outwit the competition with corporate espionage? Will you take hold of one of the countries who are under threat from a dangerous terrorist regime? The choice will be yours... it was always meant to be yours... The purpose of this thread is to show off some of the content that's being developed as it happens, so everybody's in the know! I welcome feedback and input on anything, and if you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them. A typical day in the life of a Forces of Tomorrow base. Attacks on all sides. Nothing's getting through. Japanese forces entrench a small settlement against American aggression Private security has taken over as the de-facto policing forces in this area. Note the dual tone structures The Company of Answers lays siege to Tomorrow controlled shores A forward Tomorrow Redoubt stands in defiance against Russian and US forces These terrorists seem ripe for the taking... look, they even have Oil Refineries waiting for us... (thanks to White for the graphic I used as a base for mine) Let's get into it and show off some of the factions' tech trees! Company of Answers Structures Units Forces of Tomorrow Structures Units Russia Structures Units USA Structures Units Japan Structures Units Keep watching this space! I'll be posting at least once a week with how the project is moving along. The next milestone will be a release for people who are interested in my upcoming mission making contest to use! And once again, comments and criticism is most welcome
  16. Never discovered the Nod base CY. Used the Chinook to ferry troops over the river to the church (for the $2000) and attacked the south entrance, eventually hollowing the base out with engineers.
  17. I completed Hostile Takeover without using the construction yard :laugh:
  18. Who in the allies gets paid to paint the walls lime green? XD Not clever camouflage
  19. I'm glad my thread came into some use after all! Congrats on getting something cool done
  20. Sweet :laugh: I'll probably start a teaser thread with new stuff as I make it when I begin production again in full swing. Could start it now I suppose too!
  21. I'm very impressed White. These are pretty amazing It's like a shame I've already done my infantry for my mod. I would have totally used these otherwise! All of them are fun and I am glad we have frames for now, from the Sniper and LMG to the epic Mortar troops.
  22. Haha well you'll have to let me get a build organised first! My holidays have like, just started, and I was hoping to stop and just destress for a few days before getting back into C&C. But hey, awesome! :laugh: Even if it's only a few people trying and everybody gets something cool as a result, awesome! What I am planning is to have a release of my mod, compatible with a custom version of XCC Editor that I have, that will allow people to make maps for my game more naturally. It would be without my campaigns (and vids and voices), but with one or two maps with and, ideally, a bit on the hush hush, but it would be fully complete as far as the game and mapping experience goes. I would put in one map of each playable faction so people know what to expect out of each of them. Sound good? :laugh: Not sure what prizes or whatever I'll have but hey It does depend how many contestants there are. RE: Infantry, I hadn't, I'll take a look now! I honestly have fallen off the internet with all the stress of late and am playing catch up.
  23. Haha alright Well we have a few people! I suppose you could always team up with somebody, or just beg Nyer for help XD It's not too hard to make a simple map though :laugh: Like triggers for a non-production thing.
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