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  1. Hi there everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Years! I'm posting to notify you all that I'm returning to the project after the Christmas break. I'm also pushing out the map contest deadline slightly as a few of the contestants have said that they'd like a bit more time. I've had a few people make some balance suggestions and comments after giving the game a go, primarily revolving around income being painfully slow. To this end, I've made some copies of one of the existing maps and have sent them off to the map contestants to see what they prefer, with 2x and 3x income rates, and see what they think I'd rather get this 100% right rather than make a bad judgement call, especially as I've been so used to the economy as it is for years now. One of them have also suggested that the small genetic stalk creatures should cost $600 instead of $500. If the economy does get boosted, I have no problem doing this. A bug is that the Mammoth Tank is currently unbuildable. Will have to take a look and see what I can do. I'll probably tackle either icons or the construction yard buildup as my next graphical move.
  2. Attention contestants! I have pushed back the deadline of the contest to February 1st by request. I wish you all the best of luck making some awesome maps! I've also sent you all another test map or two if you're interested in helping me analyse some economy feedback I've received.
  3. Haha alright then Do be sure to enjoy playing the maps that are provided too!
  4. @Chimas I'm wanting to have more missions for people to play for my mod. While your idea is cool from a community aspect, I'm not sure it helps the project any if there's lots of unfinished missions (maps without triggers) or vice versa. I would be happy to accept maps that are based on existing ones, say multiplayer maps with a few cliffs closed up. That would be fine by me. Alternatively you could team up with somebody else. @Goatmessiah See how you go! :laugh: If it's too tight and people want me to push it back I'm happy to do so. Do have fun with it too My personal goal was to have the whole project done and out the gate by February, but at the end of the day I'm happy to listen to the community
  5. Thank you Camuno82! I see you registered just to post that--thank you so much! Well, I finished the maps, and the map contest is officially underway! I'm not going to stop work though, so expect me to finish the Constuction Yard build up, that last map, and get stuck into the cinematics. My goal is to release the full game on February 1st.
  6. The map contest has officially begun! I have sent a private message to all people who have entered into the contest to create maps for my new project. Feel free to see the development thread if you want to follow the journey up to this point! Currently we have the following participants: Karpet Goatmessiah & White Jacko Scionox More participants may join at any point before the contest closes, just PM me and I'll sort you out. The deadline for submissions is February 1st, 2015. Each participant may submit any number of maps. The prizes include: Winner will have beta access until the mod is released. The winners will be given special status in the credits. All maps that are considered worthy of inclusion will be included with the mod. Their authors will also be mentioned in the credits. I am the sole judge of this event, and my word is final. No arguments, no butts, no lampposts. This is for fun! I'm also available for any help or advice that may be necessary. I did include a readme.html file on how to get this going, but as always, I'm there when people need me. Good luck, God Bless and have fun :laugh:
  7. Good luck with making something that the people will like
  8. Thanks so much White! :laugh: I'll post the damaged version in a few hours tomorrow once I have made it.
  9. Great, thanks! I never worked out how to get the shadows right. Albeit the lighting in 3DS was a bit off on this one anyway as I ended up redrawing the whole crane manually. Oh yeah, I better do the damaged and destroyed frame also. I'll probably do the buildup after I privately release the map making version as it's just going to push it out another week if I don't. Not like the MCV deploys into it or anything. And heh, I couldn't find a source for the icon. Glad somebody worked it out. Glad it's at least related though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punisher_in_other_media
  10. Hey thanks so much Nyer! I'm glad I was able to keep the C&C look when making this new faction. I hope the shadow placement is okay haha~ I'm starting the next map tonight!
  11. Hi everyone! Time to show some more progress! Comments and criticism are of course welcome on this, the Japanese Construction Yard: Next up will be two more maps--and then we can get this thing ready for people to make some maps! I'm hoping to have that release ready within the week! And @Snake Eater, thank you. I didn't know--somebody suggested a variety of different icons and the skull seemed to fit the most. I did try searching for it, and couldn't really find it other than on some eBay items for paintballing. I'm glad to commemorate great people in my mod though, for sure! :laugh:
  12. Nice cap of that key proxy silo!
  13. I must point out, nice work on using a Star Wars reference on the resident Star Wars fan Although I love the franchise too. Welcome Aquel You made a nice looking plane, just some tweaks to get it 100% ready for the game. What sort of vehicle is the VBL? Does it shoot rockets or MG rounds IRL?
  14. Just two maps and a conyard to go White, then you guys can get mapping! And no Goatmessiah, not quite The tops are crystal eyes that shoot laser blasts, and the stalk part is a fleshy foot that it uses to hop about. ...they are incredibly nasty though. $500 each and probably undercosted.
  15. Not a bad design, although the original is far superior in my opinion. It's so cool to look like the game you host Plus more than two posts fit on the screen. Also the link didn't permanently switch it It didn't save on logout. Yeah going into settings is required. I could knit together some screenshots for my mod if that counts? XD
  16. I don't want to spoil the whole story, but I can tell you that genetic experiments play a large role in the Company of Answers campaign. I'll give you guys some backstory next time I post! :laugh:
  17. Another map has been completed! Here's a preview: The Company of Answers has several island research facilities dedicated to genetic experimentation. We've lost contact with one of them... we need to investigate and find out what happened... Next up will be the Japanese Construction Yard!
  18. It would have the regular "skirmish" that would just be multiplayer without any other players, so just some AI random units that you can go out and hunt, but that's all. Red Alert was the first game to have skirmish, this game is for Command and Conquer. I will need to review the multiplayer side of things anyway... it's not remotely thought out at this stage (and there's problems, like every MP map would need to have triggers for money, and some stuff would be on the wrong teams, and only 2 factions would be playable... etc. etc.)
  19. As Brandonvortex and Karpet have suggested, the Navy SEAL icon was a bit too much "RA2" and not enough "C&C". So I've modified it to match the original look a bit more, as well as giving it an icon, Karpet's suggestion going in as you can see below. Also, thanks Allen I have worked hard on it The theatre needs a few more buildings before it's 100% done but I am pretty pleased so far! :laugh: I'm making a start on the next map for the release. Only 3 more to go, and I have concepts for 2 of them nutted out already, so hopefully it won't be too long now before some of you guys can play!
  20. I made a start on the Japanese construction yard last night Here's a concept...
  21. If we could have at least one or two more, that way there can't be default winners After all, gotta see people doing their best rather than saying "Hi I made a map" by going New Map -> Save Map in XCC with no other actions inbetween XD
  22. I just work on one big canvas in PhotoImpact haha I do everything in that program, from sprites to textures to art for DA :O
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