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  1. Isn't there also something that is related to the word "rescue" that makes neutral-owned civilians follow your units? Or am I making stuff up? :laugh: I think the civilian unit in a GDI Covert Ops mission where you have to rescue his wife has some rarely used order to do just that? Too lazy to check right now
  2. Just don't tell me you didn't know that :laugh: This is one of the earliest features, introduced even before the project title was changed from SD2SE to DuneX. (Sardaukar Troopers are separate units made from Raider Trikes; the sidebar icon is in the game files, easily enabled via your editor )
  3. Finally the gallery is working again, so I added more screenshots from Dune 2 eXtended showing some early missions
  4. Yay, just discovered the Gallery works fro me again! Thanks a lot!
  5. Did you check if those files are actually present in your TS directory? (BTW, this needs to be moved to the Repair Bay)
  6. Oh, sorry, I'm just being pedantic Besides, my correction had absolutely nothing to do with grammar (I'm not that audacious to correct anyone's grammar not being a native speaker myself). Well, if you have little care for the game lore, then yes. But Nod it's not an acronym, as the "NOD" spelling might suggest. It's a word that is very revealing of the nature of the Brotherhood, and the myths surrounding Kane. Thanks for clarifying that
  7. Guys, I'm grateful for your efforts So the demo's for Win95... guess it has DOS mode too, like the full game? Are both sides playable, or only one? (I think the C&C demo was GDI-only, right?)
  8. Will have to, when I have time. That's why I asked if anyone played the demo - guess it wouldn't hurt someone who did to answer a couple of questions about it.
  9. Ehh... I didn't ask where to download the RA1 Demo - as it happens, I do know how to Google stuff Rather, I expected someone to deliver a more or less detailed account on the subject without having to download and play it myself.
  10. Good luck with your exams! (Man, I miss those times when I had exams ) I know the missions in the C&C demo are not entirely new, but those differences are still quite interesting to me
  11. I've read somewhere (or maybe Nyerguds told me) that in the C&C demo missions are a bit different from the ones in the full version, what about RA1 demo? Anyone played it? (I'm generally kinda interested in the matter of differences between demos and full versions of games)
  12. TBH, I haven't been following the C&C official C&C community at all, so I don't even know very well who APOC is and what his virtues are. My very humble opinion is that once Westwood Studios dissolved and became history, so did the C&C franchise. The newer instalments from EA are just not the same, and no way they could be the same in the first place (even with Joe Kucan, since he isn't only the guy who played Kane, he directed all the FMVs in Westwood games).
  13. Come on, that's so Richard Dawkins! History knows things equally (if not even more) horrible done in the name of progress and science. I guess you can name a couple examples yourself. And besides, it is natural for humans to have supernatural beliefs, so I'm not sure a completely atheistic world is ever possible (or even desirable).
  14. With some teamwork and proper allocation of resources, I'm certain such a task could be completed in less time. Anyway, currently this is not an issue, right?
  15. There's nothing totally impossible, it just hadn't been done yet
  16. I've got a theoretical question (rather than a suggestion): is it technically possible to create a hybrid engine that would combine features from C&C and RA? Or, at least, is there even a remote possibility of adding things like paradrops, crushable fences, group transport entry and maybe controllable planes and naval vessels to C&C (by reverse-engineering or other means)? I would also like to know Nyer's opinion about the FreeCnC/FreeRA engine recreations.
  17. Although it might not be the place to discuss this issue (are you sure this is related to Nyer's patch and not to your map?), I suggest you try to temporarily disable the triggers to see if this problem is not trigger-related. If it is (i.e. the airstrip will work normally), then try to figure out which trigger causes this. If not, well, I've no idea what to do next
  18. Here's more info about the mod I mentioned in the previous post. It's called Duke Nukem: Red Alert: http://forums.duke4.net/index.php?showtopic=2007
  19. IIRC, structures that the AI is supposed to rebuild are stored in the [bASE] section, and do not have side specifications.
  20. Recently, two Dune II remake projects have been updated. Dune 2: The Golden Path has reached version 1.83. There's lots of new features, check it out Download Dune 2: The Golden Path v1.83 (Windows) Download Dune 2: The Golden Path Music Pack The OpenDUNE team have released v0.3 of their Dune II engine recreation project. This release is mostly about upgrading the game code and adapting it to modern systems, and has improved stability over the previous versions. Download OpenDUNE v0.3 Note that you need the original files of Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis to run OpenDUNE (Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty is currently not supported, sorry).
  21. Whoops! I noticed that in the Tour of Duty 3 version of the fix, the M16 ammo clip pickup still holds 12 rounds, and not 20. Fixed that now
  22. Recently I have taken interest in the Total Conversion for Duke Nukem 3D called Platoon, which was developed by Team TNT, the guys who later released a commercial Vietnam War-themed FPS using the Build engine, NAM. The TC is very cool (check out this review for more details), but has a few drawbacks, mainly concerning the weapons that are available, because of the modding limitations imposed by the original game. Luckily, those limitations could be circumvented with the use of the Enhanced Duke Nukem 3D Engine, or EDuke32, which allows more freedom in Duke3D modifications. The fix deals with the following issues: M16 ammo clip now contains 20 rounds. Grenades no longer use the pipebomb remote detonator. Flamethrower no longer has a delay before firing, and the fireballs do not home in on enemies. Sniper rifle is now a true hitscan weapon with increased accuracy, and the blue flash from the Freezethrower had been removed. It also has a decent reload time to prevent the player from occasionally firing several rounds, as it would sometimes happen in the original version. Fixed the flame and smoke (environment effects) animations. Follow the installation instructions in the supplied Readme file to get it working Oh, and by the way, if you haven't played Platoon, do so. It's really worth it! Platoon_Fix.zip
  23. So how did you arrive at the conclusion that it was going to be "mixed tech and story stuff", only from a few screenshots and my account of a level that still has Predator Troopers, Pig Cops and Enforcers as enemies? [Edit] Oh, and here's a Duke3D to RA mod/TC: https://edukeredalert.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/edukeredalert/ Judging by the readme, this one is aimed at creating a multiplay experience comparable to Renegade.
  24. I suppose you don't like Ultraq's mod, then? And any other possible game that would attempt to bridge the gap between RA and C&C? BTW, have you actually checked it out beyond the screenshot page?
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