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  1. Jacko

    Odd TD Menu Glitch

    I'm almost certain its 1.06c (r3 if thats useful)
  2. Having played RA1 online for a bit, whenever I make a game with a custom map (p4, other stuff etc). It loads up an AM or CS map (need to check which ones). Not only that, it may say 'p4' etc on my screen, but to every1 else it shows the map to be loaded. I have added the Expand1 & 2 Mix files as well as the patched main.mix with extra music and stuff but the CS and AM maps don't show up when I host a game. Its really weird and quite annoying. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?
  3. Jacko

    Odd TD Menu Glitch

    Having played TD for a couple hours or longer (I couldn't really tell ) I found that every time I went to the in-game menu, the screen would freeze (unable to move mouse etc), but the Music would still be playing, and if you pressed enter/escape whatever etc, it would go back to the game and run fine. I have no idea what this problem is but its a bit annoying. Need any more information?
  4. That's what i said was the problem... Anyways I deleted and restructured a bunch of triggers and now its (partially) working!
  5. I needed to set that but it seems unlikely that is the problem causing it to simply crash at start... open it in RAED to see if there is a problem
  6. Ok I have a new RAED problem. The mission I create appears to crash upon loading up...? I have no idea what the problem is, and I have checked the triggers to make sure it doesn't glitch, but it still crashes? here is the file in question: scg47ea.rar
  7. My internet is currently being very unreliable so I'm not going on just to lag out and annoy people.
  8. Its ok, I downloaded the 3.03 patch from the TFD Fixes page and it works now thanks!
  9. So you mean i will need to update to 3.03 for it to work fully with CS and AM? In which case im going to go find the appropriate stuff for it.
  10. Basically I am trying to access stuff from the RA Expansion Packs (Maps, Units and stuff like that) but I have no idea how to do such a thing. I would find it very useful indeed if I could access this stuff when making missions and things in RAED (I'm brewing a campaign ATM) Thanks in advance.
  11. you better not mean sandbagging, because then, in my opinion, you never finished the mission No i sat around outside their base with Light Tanks and Flame tanks When they kept dying I base crawled (correct term?) and stuck a couple obelisks there problem solved! Also I was not aware of any sandbag/wall glitches on C&C, I just played the game normally.
  12. You also wouldn't be able to build stealth tanks. That doesnt seem to make any difference to me, I only use the damn things for scouting anyway And besides, having done the first bit faster, i did the level without capturing the thing, by cutting off all their harvesters and rushing the base with flame tanks.. the other thing is that every time they carpet bombed your communications centre, the research lab automatically repaired, making it easy. Finishing the campaign afterwards was a piece of cake
  13. Thanks for the tips, however i decided that instead of moping aroud trying to mak money the first thing i did was make a refinery and then a weapons factory and just spawn a few medium tanks before doing anything else. Then i simply wiped out the Nod base and rescued the guy. Also i found the remaining missions quite easy, especially in the last one where they run out of power simply by capturing the first base.
  14. He means multiplayer/lan/etc rather than single player I havent seen any single player yuri missions, but ive played the multiplayer ones with my brother.
  15. what if you simply didnt capture the centre until the end of the level? they wouldnt carpet bomb it then would they?
  16. They carpet bomb all my men before i get to that bit
  17. Since I have not noticed there being any actual topic about Rules.ini Files, I thought I'd make one. The Basic idea is that everyone posts their own Rules.ini file (might be different for C&C1, TB and RA2, so their equivalent) so everyone can play each others modified games. For a start, here is my Rules.ini file for Red Alert, complete with my own readme! (you will need to rename the file) Jackos_Rules.rar
  18. GDI: Mission 9a where NOD have obelisks for the first time. They arent much good if you go and wipe them out with about 30 medium tanks though are they? NOD: Mission 9b in Egypt I managed to kill all the troops, the tank and the Humvee without the commando taking damage. Covert Ops: Under Siege porbably because it requires close money management and thats one of my favourite elements of C&C Im not much good at C&C though, im completely stuck at GDI 11 (finding Delphi) because i simply cant get established enough before a flame tank comes in and wipes out all my men, guard towers and buildings, in that order.
  19. I solved it by downloading the barebones RA internet and then adding the add-ons and music files to it thanks for the reply though!
  20. After doing a bit of searching around, I've noticed Cncnet requires the Network button rather than the internet button. But on loading RA, I don't have a network button (Its under Multiplayer yes?). Do I need to download something to get it? Also my RA is version 2.00 (Aftermath I think) from TFD. Could someone point me in the right direction please?
  21. Hello! I'm new here! I'm glad to see there's somewhere and some people who still play RA1!
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