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  1. Why would it be bad? Just make sure the changes are synced between all players in a game lobby and you're good to go?
  2. The reaction to your post is overwhelming.
  3. .... A colour picker like on OpenRA would be nice.
  4. Welcome back, commander.
  5. <3 Hi Marshy, I just got a new 2K monitor too @ 2560x1440. "Battle field control established."
  6. 1. Possible. 2. Never knew that worked, always right clicked for 0. 3. ? Only gets distored with 3rd party mods. What I know is different for a fact is the way that the Psi sensor acts, on RA2 the soviet psi sensor detects spies and submerged units and displays them "without disguise" while on yr it doesn't reveal submerged units and AFAIK 'reveals spies' to other defences. This does need proper testing to analyse and specify the differences.
  7. Nice share Faze, welcome to CnCNet.
  8. I saw your messages, but I was just 2 minutes late! xD
  9. Yeah, started playing here recently. Missed the game and got tired of CS:GO. How often do you play on CnCNet?
  10. Really, Sunny? I remember both you or desolator miner glitching me in every 1v1 I played on yr. You guys were ridiculous for the lames.
  11. Has never worked for me on any version. Client still uses the preview integrated in the map.
  12. YR does support steam overlay! I'm running the game through a steam shortcut and the overlay works in game, on Windows 10 with TSDDRAW renderer.
  13. I would also like the player slot system from the original game client so I can change the lobby size with ease without having to kick a lot of players when I'm waiting for only 4 to join at that particular time. Rehosting the game every time to set a new player limit is just frustrating and annoying, really poor for user experience. Also having to lock the lobby every time is another weird and annoying 'feature'. Why not have auto lock on the start game button? Why not have auto open on kicking/banning a player?
  14. The matter of the fact is that your 300ms ping causes the game to synchronise at 300 + 15 = 315ms, which in turn means that all clicks will take 315ms to synchronise between players, yes your game can feel faster, mainly due to the fact that the game's net code gives you leeway in terms of how many frames per second you can be ahead of the other players. Any delay to an action that the player takes in the game is considered as lag, so in technical terms, the game is actually lagging at 315ms. 315ms is not actually all that slow in a strategy game and is usually around the average delay/lag you can expect when playing on XWIS. How ever when your connection (including all the isp and other servers) drops some data packets or one of the servers between you and another player prioritises other traffic you start getting higher ping times and in result more lag. In the case of data packet loss, the ping for that packet would be doubled/tripled as first, the server/game lets your PC know that a packet was lost 315+315 then you resend it +315 then you get a temporary ping of 3x315=945, on an unstable connection this would happen at random causing lag spikes and erratic connection performance. We had a 10-minute conversation because you don't understand that "any delay what so ever is considered as lag". Hence the phrase "lagging behind".
  15. It's much easier to have the process automated. A proper design for this should be laid out and discussed. I've trained many players over the years new and returning oldies and quite a few hit Hall of fame on XWIS. However, it's very time consuming to be thorough with them.
  16. The funny thing is that I was able to play just as fast on the small resolution back in the day, as I can with the 1680x1050 I use now. See, on smaller resolutions, the radar is very useful, while on larger ones it becomes basically useless. I still find it quite difficult to click a moving flak track, terror drone or an elite IFV due to my resolution.
  17. This advantage has always been there, however larger resolutions make it extremely difficult to click on fast moving units.
  18. How is the text triggered? Can the text be triggered by on map triggers?
  19. [Bug Report] Custom maps cause YR client to crash / not load. Description: I made some terrain edits to the official map "frostbite" and I added a new game mode under the map's [Basic] category called tournament, as I saw some custom maps using stuff like 'fast map' & ' survival' as a game mode. I thought it would be a great way to organise the maps under specific categories as the game client seems to pick up on these custom game modes and list maps accordingly. However, when some one joins the game while hosting the edited map frostbite custom and the game mode is set to 'Tournament' their game client crashes after 2-3 seconds. When the game mode is set to 'Standard'' on the same map the map transfers without a crash, however when starting the game, the host of the game doesn't load, from other player's perspective, from the host's perspective, only he/she loads into the game. The 'standard' game mode is provided with the original game and maps and is normally used for the default 'battle' game mode and also official tournament/ladder play on the official servers. I've also had the problem where when joining a game with a custom map the map transfers, but the game doesn't load at the first attempt when starting a match, just get stuck on the loading screen. Usually the second attempt to load into the game works, however sometimes the problem persists. Here is the only ini code that was changed on the map, not the tournament game mode. (when removed the map still doesn't load on game start) [Basic] Name=[4] Frostbite Theme=No theme Percent=0 GameMode=standard, teamgame, tournament InitTime=10000 Official=no EndOfGame=no FreeRadar=no MaxPlayer=4 MinPlayer=2 SkipScore=no TrainCrate=no TruckCrate=no OneTimeOnly=no CarryOverCap=0 NewINIFormat=4 NextScenario= SkipMapSelect=no AltNextScenario= MultiplayerOnly=1 IceGrowthEnabled=no VeinGrowthEnabled=no TiberiumGrowthEnabled=yes IgnoreGlobalAITriggers=no TiberiumDeathToVisceroid=no Please see attachment to replicate the bugs. frostbite.map
  20. Messages showing that a player is ready should not be repeated on following button clicks. This makes it impossible to read chat messages and allows immature players to spam the host. Example of a kid :
  21. But it's very fun... There's nothing more amusing than a bit of civil war. xD
  22. I'm against this as engineer rushes can be easily countered with good scouting, battlefield awareness and the experience on how to deal with it. Therefor it's skill based.
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