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  1. Afternoon, Is it possible to add a visual aspect for subs that are underground so you can see them as a spectator? In the old days you would sometimes see a sub moving underground because it glitched. It would be cool to be able to see that as a spec or even just the health bar so you can keep track of potential attacks as a spectator.
  2. Afternoon People, I saw today on terrace someone use cyborgs that flew and had a long range emp as their weapon. How many maps are modded like this or is it a select few people that know or play them? Reminds me of the times Wuss would do that on bbg to gain an advantage. Could be happening again?
  3. In theory this works. In reality it doesn't with this community.
  4. Fine Cigar


    What time is tonight for you mola? What time zone are you in?
  5. https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/178352-c0rpsmakr-retires/#entry1541299
  6. Don't hate mate! A little positivity goes a long way. (In my creekiest trolls voice, YouTube if you dont get the reference...)
  7. Challenge accepted! Any map, if I am on and you guys on. I would take any ally even in my rusty state and put a whooping on you guys! 😎
  8. Sorry to bump. If you haven't listened to these, it is worth a go. I've just listened for the first time now
  9. When I was playing against so called 'elite' players who could play both nod and gdi, including myself, the faction didnt really matter too much. The games were always fun and interesting. To say gdi is OP is a bit of an overstatement. You know how to play nod mola, someone else that plays nod enough and spend time playing it effectively will always compete with a top tier gdi player. That's facts. Alot of people complaining about gdi being over powered clearly haven't spent enough time getting good at nod.
  10. Every game has bugs, even after patches. "And get a vet version with the fixes. Thats one solution, which i and humble thought would be a great idea" "Some players are cherry picking what is ok to fix and what is not" Couldn't agree with you more... Unless you have became the owner of CNCNET, "But as i said, the people who runs the server decides, its pretty simple. TS is not run by EA/WW anymore, they gave away the rights to an outside source. If people dislike this, they can make their own server, it aint hard." then that is irrelevant. What has happened is that ideas and opinions have been taken from some people and not others. A lot of players know about the bugs and glitches however that doesn't mean everyone wants things to change. Others may want things to change. If someone creates a map which has their own things on it like changed Vet status' then that's fine for them to have. Allowing players to change the core game as they see fit is ridiculous. The CNCNET team have done a fantastic job in keeping the C&C series alive, but allowing players to mess about with the game itself will kill it all over again.. Every change should have an optional yes or no to play and not get forced on everyone else.
  11. Afternoon all, I don't play anymore but I will look to be on this weekend coming. I am planning to live stream the games i play with commentary at the same time. So if you are around then it will be good to join me! Dan
  12. Afternoon, When I stream live to twitch via Xsplit gamecaster, I need to fully restart my computer once 1 game ends in order for CNCNET to remain active. Otherwise it shuts down and when I go into the app again, it goes to the updates downloading message and closes down. Do you know what could be causing this? Dan
  13. Nothing I have mentioned indicates I deem anything okay. I stopped playing when all these maps were changed and 'fixed'. It took away an element of tactic to the game which didn't have too much strategy to begin with. None of the changes are good in my opinion. If people don't like a map then don't play it. Because of the changes, some people only wanted to play those changed maps and stopped playing the correct versions. Goes along the lines of being able to control other team members units. Who ever came up with that and implemented it is ridiculous.
  14. In your definition it's a fix. I consider it a change that doesn't need to happen. TS has been going 20 years now and it's always existed like that, just like the spots on forest fires that got changed for example. Rather than adapting to it people want an easier life.. and 'fixed' them.
  15. Think about the money it takes to expand, and then compare that against making an MCV. Being a ranked game you need to accept the map for what it is, so much of this game has been modded unnecessarily already
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