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  1. @ SPEED & EFFECTIVE BUILD: Focus on your speed of building: As soon as game starts, Press: E and D, very quick. Its the fastest way to deploy your MCV, while you do that, your mouse should already be clicking on powerplant. If you can, keep your menu right at the spot where ur gonna place it, deploy it fast and click barrack super quick. Do the same, and KEEP building infantry as you're making 3, 4 maybe more refinery's in a row, maybe sell your second refinery and send those 4 men too. Keep clicking and you'll overwhelm your opponent with infs, especially in small maps. NOTE:make it a habit to focus on speed build. Component towers are build pretty quick, so place them quick. Some ppl are lazy to build components with upgrades but they're actually very effective as you learn to click as fast as you can. with enough money you're menu bar is always making 4 things, ALL THE TIME: infs,vehicles,planes,buildings! GDI: As you're building disc throwers and light infantry's, select a disc thrower and press T (or assign 'select same type' with a different key), now order them to force fire on ground to throw discs further towards enemy infantry's. Every player should know this. NOD: A harpy is a good technique to stop disc throwers. They're great to kill engineers as well.
  2. I've being this alot lately, very effective: GDI: when base is full with decent economy, Keep building Jumpjets. try to make like a hunderd, but a dozen or so will also be very nice to distract all Sams in enemy base! Go ahead an time ur bombers and dis/carryalls, as all sams only target 1 jumpjet at a time, your jumpjets can also kill stuff! keep m flying tho
  3. Lol yeah, i saw that right after i posted it. i got it yesterday in my mail from sharewareonsale.com lol
  4. For just a limited time you can get the full version of RA2 & Yuri's revenge on origin.com, click link https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/c-c-the-ultimate-collection/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition Which means everyone can get CNCNET RA2 without buying a copy! BE FAST, ITS ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME!
  5. In Tiberian Sun, if we play a map with text triggers, the text won't show up like it did in xwis. [Actions] 01000000=1,11,0,1,0,0,0,0,A Now this should say 1 Harvest the Tiberium to the north. All map makers would appreciate! Thanks
  6. PTapioK is the creator of many great maps! Like: Mammoth battle, City Race, AI Labyrinth. And severalAnd many more fun ones that most people don't know about. And ofcourse his great missions http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3909.0 And all his compstomps!!! THEYRE AWESOME!! Please post m
  7. So I knew it was possible, and made it happen. Simply by making units 100% Amphibious and some Land type 0% Amphibious The only thing is, the Boat units, are seen as vehicles. This means that Warfactory thinks its his! So if you make a boat, make sure to Primary Set the Harbor. Otherwise the boat will be stuck in your warfactory. And the otherway around: vehicles will appear in the water and die instantly. So If you're gonna add this code to your map, make sure to tell the players this. You will get used to it quick and you'll notice that it gives an whole new element/feeling to it. Its handy to put the information needed as comments on top of your map file, like in the attached map (with this post). In CnCnet, you can simply right-click the map preview and copy/paste this info: You may edit anything as you like! (Like making Bombers unbuildable, you have to rely more on ships, or make vehicles cheaper, whatever will be more intresting!) Make sure firestorm is turned on, because the boats have the image from some Firestorm units! You can edit that yourself too. ( The codes you can look up in the software: TibEd or your rules.ini file. They are online too! ) Here they are, just simply add this to your map: ships.mpr
  8. Please, i need ideas for boats, and stuff for in the water! So I want to use already excising images added to the Boats elements I'm working on. (So no civilian types without a picture, i dont like the grey blank images) I've noticed that by removing a turret from a vehicle looks pretty awesome ! Just add: Turret=no under the code of a specific vehicle. I havn't tried them all, but i know it looks so cool on the disruptor [sONIC]. Its perfect for a boat! and I bet Hover MRLS will too. I have added a Laser turret to the Light Post, it looks pretty well for in water! Second, does somebody know how to replace the picture in the menu on a vehicle, but keeping the original image of the vehicles it self? I mean, if we use the code for example: [4TNK] Image=SONIC Both the picture in the menu, and the vehicle image will change to disruptor. It would be great if someone knows something about the graphics, seperating or picking a brand new one. I've seen some menu pictures that i can use, and most people never seen before, like BBOARD, actually has his own picture in the menu! It looks like crap, but at least its unique, and not grey! LAST, actually any knowledge you have about image transforming would be great! Any ideas for boats and water stuff is very welcome.
  9. You guys keep amazing me on how TS is getting better everyday! The rate of new players coming in, is getting higher and higher. Ranking,quick match, clans, map generator.. everything that could be added will attract more and more people. This is why I started making tutorials on creating and modding tiberian sun maps, missions and compstomps. I will make a youtube channel for it and I'm thinking about a website.Because - As a map maker -, I see more people making their own maps, and I love it! Also I tested out making Boats and a bay, it simply works very well. It adds a new element to it!! and with the right amount of testing I will make the right costs and strengths of the new units. The only problem is I that I have to replace it with an excisting factory, in this case War Factory. SO, - or i delete warfactory - -or people gotta know to Primary Select the right building. Its no fun if vehicles appear in water, and boats on land So just maybe, and i know I'm asking alot here: Is it possible to add a Vessel type in the game? A factory can already be set as a Vesseltype, (I don't know why, prolly cuz of the old missions or something), but sadly there are only 4 types: Infantry, Vehicles, Aircrafts & Buildings. Don't worry about it if its too much too much asked, because personally i believe it will attract ALOT of people if theres a new element to it!
  10. WOw man. i love it! good work! You know how to handle cliffs!
  11. Thanks! I just wanted to search the GDI1 map, cuz i want to see how the maker made those mods.. i remember the file named GDI3. Thanks man!
  12. Everyone should know about Ninite.com I set up hundreds of pc's along the year! I use ninite for this: I recommend Avast! just register with email. and Super! antispyware! For a nice easy clean up, download Adwcleaner. But the best one I personally use, is Emisoft emergency kit. you should be able to download it if you use search engine. Other then that, buying a subscription to mcafee or norton covers it all.
  13. I've been making maps alot recently. I can say I almost know every code and how every trigger and event works. So there are basicly almost no more limits. I can make a chess game, a battleship game.. I can make a harbor and create Boats, i'm supergood in making Compstomps and tower defenses. So if you have a request, let me know! If you wanna learn how to make maps, just let me know
  14. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
  15. It's awesome how good these guys (you guys) are. Though sometimes i feel threaten if i enter a game with these players, I have to proof that I'm good and get all kinda questions like 'how does a titan walk n shoot' lol The time we had the last tournament i spent time practicing and became quite good, made it third in the tournament. Though I think I'm good, compared to that list of players, i still suck. I just really like making maps
  16. It does on normal TS, but ptapiok figured it out how it works on CnCnet, it shouldn't have 'Any Event' .. it works with 'Time elapse..' as event.
  17. Action 92 'Turn firestorm on' (in FinalSun) doesn't work on CnCnet. It would be great if this could be fixed!
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