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  1. BILINGUAL PEOPLE! ENGLISH AND SPANISH! We are gonna create A SPANISH VERSION, of Final Alert and Final Sun. It is alot of work to translate all of it, so please just translate what you want to translate, even if its just a few lines, just reply on this topic with your translated sections, and we will build from there! Thanks! Replace the english words after the = symbol
  2. Final Sun Updates - Fixed Paint random trees - Fixed missing trigger numbers - Fixed Text triggers (Under [Actions], "11,4,1" should be "11,0,1") - Added Text triggers Tutorial & Auto-ally tutorial - Added Marble Mode - Beginners Mode already Disabled - Added all Spawn Locations - Free Radar enabled Utilities MapNameLinker (by ptapiok) A new tool by Ptapiok which allows you to see the real map names instead of the file names. Just Open up your map folder and Put it on alphabetic order by Pressing the 'Map Name' Tab. CnCnet gives all map file names horrible names, so thanks Ptapiok for this amazing time saver! TSWaveMaker (by ptapiok) Another GIANT time saver for if you're into AI mission,compstomp or tower defensive map making. You can organise and clone your teams & scripts, you can multiple select everything and give it ascending orders, plus there are some fixes and better explanations. Make a MASSIVE AI map in Just a FEW Minuts! Read about TSWaveMaker on https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=531511 TibEd Do not allow this software to make changes to your map! Instead, just use it to look up the codes u need. All the codes you need are organised and easy to change, copy and paste into your map! (Install TibEd yourself) SunEdit 2k If you install this, you can open it in final sun, make easy changes to your units, and save it back into your map! it needs a serial after 1 month, but the maker gave us a keygen, which is included. TS & RA2 Tunnel Drawer v1.02 Create a Tunnel in Final Sun, then use this flash file to fix the code, tutorial: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6225.msg45922#msg45922 NOTE: Please check out all the tutorials on ppmsite.com and cncnet.com forum, also use the manual in final sun. DOWNLOAD: Utilities + Fixed Files to replace/add in finalsun folder: mirror 1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M2MyqeyRCzRjBKRWxVVTFPc2s/view?usp=sharing mirror 2 http://www.filedropper.com/fixutilities All files + Final Sun itself: mirror 1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6M2MyqeyRCzeWVkUGlXMFlUS1E mirror 2 https://ufile.io/0653a UPDATED THIS, CHECK MESSAGE BELOW! (#comment-69076 ) Replacable files mapnamelinker and tutorial.zip
  3. They look pretty cool to me... http://jp3d.net/retro/cnc/maps.shtml Cool1 to Cool7.1 rock garden HyperX
  4. Did you activate the weird symbols mode? Try pressing Ctrl+Shift (both left) or try Ctrl+fn+right Shift Did you press a chat key like F8? (hate when that happends accidently) Does your shift work at all?
  5. I understand its hard to understand how to make a bridge, so here you go, a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk3uYnktlEw&feature=youtu.be HOW TO CREATE BRIDGES
  6. Just real quick. Final Sun Tutorial: How to make a riding train in your map https://youtu.be/Fzmw7weQhuQ keep them maps coming
  7. So I can't figure out how the right way to add green and blue(mold) crystal in final sun. There is only the cliff and tiles to draw into the map, shown on this picture: But if we look in a standard firestorm map, we can see how the edges are all nicely done the proper way, see pic below Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? It seems pretty ridiculous trying to copy it from the map codes, but its now the only solution i can think of.
  8. I love it when giants get played with lots of GDI. It makes it more fun. I'm always GDI on Giants, just cuz me too, dont like the way its modded. I mean its great if you don't like dying and don't wanna learn. other then that I love to rush with GDI on giants as well! I don't really like your strategy to be honest, let me tell you mine: when the loadscreen ends, im already pressing E+D with index and middle finger like crazy, while im doing that Im already clicking like a maniac on powerplant, get my screen in the position to place it as fast as i can, clicking barracks as fast as i can. I build my buildings like this the entire game, but mostly during start cuz i always wanna rush. I just build a few infs (if in back) to save money, 1 ref, radar, build JJ as fast as i can and order it to fly as fast as i can, 50/50 of times i fly through more then 1 base, I ALT my warfactory on the tib while i make 2 harvs right after building it, so i have time to make jj's dodge sams, i also Shift+F9 my First target's base so i dont have to scroll. I make an mk2 as fast as i can, selling depot,radar,tech right after i don't need them anymore. I build second ref, ghost, apc and another carryall, they might go slower cuz of low money, build while im doing this, my mk2 is killing all sams, all rocket man and threats to clear the way for the ghost. As my screen camera goes from home (H) to enemy base (F9), I team the ghost #1 and carryall #2, for easy controll of units. Hopefully i destroyed the base real quick and can move on to the next base, hopefully game finishes real quick. If it all fails im just hoping i will die quick cuz i hate long ass giant games.
  9. As much as I enjoy being creative, spending too much time in maps have to come to an end for me. I'm spending the same time now, on making tutorials on what i've learned along the way. I made a bunch of tutorial video's already and two of them already uploaded on youtube. I just really want people to know how great Tiberian Sun is! The way they made C&C is incredible: So much is edit-able, mod-able, so many idea's are born cuz of how well they structured all of it. Even tho its pretty old by now, I'm still impressed! I don't see this type of editing possible any where else! And I enjoyed making maps so much, it always gave me such joy because every idea always works and for people to play it online makes me so happy! There is so much too it! Also, the tutorials on ppmsite are often for advanced map makers, so I want to simplify everything and really get into the basics. I really hope more people would make maps and are not afraid to explore whats beyond terrain editing. Just ask for help! So far I made an Intro video and only a "how to properly make cliffs" video. I really suggest to find the proper way of editing! Cuz you can lose a lot of time by not knowing the short cuts. And thats the second reason i'm making tutorials: Know what works and more importantly what Doesn't! CnCnet TS MAP MAKING TUTS: Intro: What you can create https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAsJmFJ_kRA FinalSun Tutorial: Update & How to properly make cliffs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhIorPyiCek More video's are coming up!!!
  10. I've actually never seen shroud to regrow! Are you sure its possible? Regrowing shroud also crashed with the Trigger "101 Reshroud Map At...", The crate goodie that makes the entire map reshroud does work ofcourse, just like the trigger "51 Reshroud Map", but never a small piece like in RA2
  11. Oh wow, i was wondering why that 1 was there! thanks for clearing that up! So just to make it clear, you can have [AllyBySpawnLocation] in your map, and [AllyBySpawnLocation1] and [AllyBySpawnLocation2] and [AllyBySpawnLocation3] in your map too? Or is it numbered 1 to 4? And just like allying in game, a player can be part of multiple teams too so you can mix up the numbers too. That could be interesting gameplay hihi
  12. Holland

    Race map

    Alright, version 20. Never thought ppl would enjoy this map so much. Its just getting better Map in Attachment of this message
  13. Yes, http://www.filedropper.com/finalsunupdate also attached same file to this message I only lost the fix that will fix some missing triggers, but no worries. Danny, did you succeed on giving spawn locations buildings to start with?
  14. lol nice vid! btw, doesnt terrace get boring?
  15. Yes Messiah I believe Rosssi edited this in the exe file just a few months ago
  16. First you need to open your map file which is in your tiberian sun directory: ..\TiberianSun_Online\Maps\ If you've never opened a map (mpr) file before, you have to right click on the file, press 'Open With..' and select Wordpad. Now open up your map file and (if there are no mods) you will see codes like this: ; Map created with FinalSun Mission Editor [Preview] Size=0,0,120,60 [PreviewPack] 1=JQ0AIAZtVz1vWT5vWT5AAUsAb1k+SABAAUgAQAFIAEABSABAAUgAQAFIAEABSABAAUgAQA and a whole bunch of other symbols. We have to add this code, anywhere between lines in the map: [AllyBySpawnLocation1] Description=East vs West A=0,1,2,3 B=4,5,6,7 You can edit the numbers how ever you want your spawn location to team up. There is one thing you need to know: As you can see there is a '0' in team A. this is actually Spawn Location nr 1, just like in Final sun. So just to make it seem easier for you, here is an example for how it can look: ; Map created with FinalSun Mission Editor [AllyBySpawnLocation1] Description=East vs West A=0,1,2,3 B=4,5,6,7 [Preview] Size=0,0,120,60 [PreviewPack] 1=JQ0AIAZtVz1vWT5vWT5AAUsAb1k+SABAAUgAQAFIAEABSABAAUgAQAFIAEABSABAAUgAQA Now for the second part, We have to find a something in the file In wordpad, go ahead and press Ctrl+F (or press Find). Search this: [basic] You will this: [basic] Name=Your map name Percent=0 GameMode=standard HomeCell=98 InitTime=10000 Official=yes EndOfGame=no morecodes etc. Now add this line anywhere under [basic]: AllyBySpawnDefault=1 So it will look like this: [basic] AllyBySpawnDefault=1 Name=Your map name Percent=0 GameMode=standard HomeCell=98 InitTime=10000 Official=yes EndOfGame=no morecodes etc. Go ahead and save your file (Ctrl+S) Thats it! If you somehow can not save the original file, and your PC asks you to save it under a copy, you can do the following: make a copy of your map file (ctrl+C & Ctrl V), copy all the text (ctrl+A & ctrl+C), and place it in the cloned file. It should save now. If you have trouble or you want to fix this issue, reply and ask
  17. Ok Iran. so i tested just a few of them in this test map. Its very clear that the spawn houses don't work for any event. Map file attached in this message. These are the results: 11 Entered by... ; will crash if event parameter is one of the spawn location 4 Discovered by player ; this event does not work at all even with a standard house 25 Crosses Horizontal Line... ; will crash like just like Entered By 30 Low Power... ; this even appears to be the same as "any event", it will always fire no matter what. 44 Attacked by (house)... ; Does not crash but just doesn't work when event's parameter is a spawn house, does work with standard house.
  18. Thats awesome Iran! Yes we added this inside of StdMapTS.ini in the FinalSun folder!: [Houses] 0=GDI 1=Nod 2=Neutral 3=Special 50=Spawn1 51=Spawn2 52=Spawn3 53=Spawn4 54=Spawn5 55=Spawn6 56=Spawn7 57=Spawn8 These will also appear in the "1 Entered by...", but all the spawn houses don't work. It would be awesome if you could make them work, so its about these events: 1 Entered by... 2 Spied upon 4 Discovered by player 9 Destroyed, Units, All... 10 Destroyed, Buildings, All... 11 Destroyed, All... 25 Crosses Horizontal Line... 26 Crosses Vertical Line... 30 Low Power... 44 Attacked by (house)... 53 Player under EMP effect These are basically the ones that need to be fixed for Spawn houses, cuz they dont work yet. Tho it would even be amazing if only the trigger event '1 Entered by..' will work for spawn houses by itself. And also I understand that the trigger's house has to belong to Neutral or the trigger won't work at all. But if we can have the Spawn houses list available for the Owner of the trigger, then all events could be completely used on multiplayer. But I remember funky saying it prevents crashes, but this is not very significant to me, i just wanted to mention :roll: I didnt know about the Give_credits action, that is amazing. I took a look in final sun, and it says number 105 is "Displays talk bubble over unit", with only a single parameter. So i'm not sure if its also for TS.
  19. There have been great updates for making multiplayer maps for TS like the Spawn owners, the text triggers and the auto ally. Thank you guys for that so much! We have made special maps like missions, compstomps, tower defenses, and race-maps. Now there is just one more thing that probably could be fixed too, which will create an opening for maps that create entire new gameplays: So you guys created the House list for multiplayers: 50=Spawn1 etc. So I wonder if it would also be possible/easy enough - to create a list like that in the Event section of triggers. (Entered by.. , Spied upon.. , zone entry by.. etc) At the moment there is only choice from: GDI, Nod, Special, Neutral, and 'Any unit' (-1), which is still meant for single player and besides the "all units" (-1), its not convenient for multiplayer gaming. I'm not a programmer but I do think it shouldn't be very hard to create this option So you can imagine, if we could enter a Multiplayer house as a Parameter in the event "Entered by..", A whole new world of new ideas could be made! People would make very special maps (Me and Ptapiok for sure!) like capture the flag, race maps, puzzle maps, mazes, board games, maybe even card games, gamble games, chess games, rpg games etc !!! If you think about it, this game would literally expand enormously and i'm sure it will attract more players! And that only if this small option could be created!
  20. Holland

    Race map

    Good one hitman! There could totally be a pretty lake and waterfall, and a big forest or something. I could change the height of the map and make the entire race track on cliff height, guess i will make it whenever i feel like it, lol. Gotta be in the mood for making maps huh, lol BTW, if you wanna you can edit stuff yourself man, that would be awesommmmmmmmmme
  21. Holland

    Race map

    Good one hitman! There could totally be a pretty lake and waterfall, and a big forest or something. I could change the height of the map and make the entire race track on cliff height, guess i will make it whenever i feel like it, lol. Gotta be in the mood for making maps huh, lol
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